Matt Adcock

BA Hons Marketing, 1995

Matt Adcock

What inspired you to take the course that you did?
I was inspired to take the BA Marketing at the University of Bedfordshire because it allowed me to pick some additional models that included Creative Writing – there is so much synergy in the combination of the two subjects.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Bedfordshire?

Bedfordshire was ideal location-wise – I come from Canterbury in Kent so it was a nice drivable distance from home and had good access to London.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you have been doing since graduating?
Since graduating I’ve worked in a wide range of communications and marketing roles – from charities like YMCA and Church Urban Fund through to Business Schools, NHS London and training providers like City & Guilds. Comms is a really rewarding career – as long as you have passion for the organisation you work for and can write, network and creatively engage media.

What is your current role and how has your career developed?
I’m currently Head of Communications for Church Urban Fund who are the social action arm of the Church of England. CUF works around the country enabling social action that includes food banks, night shelters, social cohesion networks and just finance access which is more necessary than ever at the moment.

What is your most memorable achievement to date?
This year sees the launch of my first novel ‘Complete Darkness’ which has been a long-term side project – and the fruition of the creative writing learning I had at the University. I have had the manuscript kicking aboutComplete Darkness - book cover for some years now but didn’t want to pay to get it published, this year I found a publisher and things have fallen into place – it’s exciting.

What are your best memories of the University of Bedfordshire?
I have some great memories of the University, lots of fun nights out and making friends around the town. A group of us still get together some 20 years after we graduated which is testament to lasting friendships.

What are your aspirations for the future?
For the future, I’d love to write full time, but I enjoy the social elements of communications such as lunches with journalists. It does feel great to have finally achieved a goal of getting published – think am inspired to write another novel now…

What advice would you like to share with current students or recent graduates?
I would advise current students and recent graduates to work on building up a portfolio that shows what you can do and have already achieved. When I interview applicants these days, it is those who can demonstrate their writing (on websites etc) or projects they have worked on maybe as interns or volunteers that often stand out.

What 5 people would you invite to a dinner party- they can be living or dead ?
The 5 people I’d invite to a dream dinner party (living or dead) would be:

  • Iain Banks the sci-fi author who was biggest influence on my writing.
  • Brandon Flowers frontman of The Killers to see if he is as charismatic when not on stage.
  • Carey Mulligan – my favourite actress who has cool strong opinions on things.
  • Jane Austen whose entire works my mother had forced me to read before I even went to high school and whose wit is timeless.
  • Finally, Queen Bathsheba (who gets bad press for seducing King David in the bible but was regarded as a warrior elite in her own right and proved to be a canny political mover).

Matt’s novel

"Complete Darkness" is released on 25th of October and is available for pre-order from Waterstones or Amazon

It’s been described by best-selling author Francesco Dimitri (The Book of Hidden Things) as: “Matt Adcock skilfully weaves together theological questions and Sci-Fi, in the best tradition of the genre.”

Find out more about Matt’s book at:


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