Nivedita Sarker

Nivedita Sarker

Tell us about what you’ve been up to since graduating?

Since graduating in July 2015 I have returned home to Bangladesh to embark on a career in Education

What’s your current role?

I am currently working as a lecturer in NorthSouth University, Bangladesh. I teach psychology to undergraduate students as well as providing pastoral support to all students; mentoring, advice and counseling support, promoting their emotional well-being.

What’s the best thing about your job?

People around me had been really skeptical about me taking up the role of a lecturer but somehow I always knew that this would give me access as well as an opportunity to know the young minds of my country. I get to understand what drives them and what fears and inhibitions hold them back. I also get a glimpse of the underlying problems of our society as they discuss their family and personal lives.

But overall it has been an extraordinary learning experience for me. Apart from gaining teaching experience at the topmost private University of my country, I have grown as a speaker, enhanced my skills of motivating people, as well as becoming more insightful about the kind of mental health issues people actually face in real life.

Most memorable moment at your current role?

There have been quite a few poignant moments when students have shared through emails, in person and even in public platforms about how I contribute to enhancing their lives by helping them to look beyond the darkness. It has been very rewarding for me and makes me believe in what Steve Jobs said that ‘when you touch someone’s heart it is limitless’.

How has your time at the University of Bedfordshire helped?

The University of Bedfordshire has been one of the most extraordinary chapters of my life as it gave me an amazing platform to learn and grow in every possible way. Great teachers, commendable education system but what I loved the most was my learning process was not restricted to academics only. The university gave me an opportunity to work as a paid Intern as well as giving me a scholarship to learn Spanish. I also served as the Course Representative. The University ensured that as a student I acquired real life skills and exposure to the real world. I think that’s the best form of education one can think of.

Best memories of the University?

I must say one of the most amazing things I loved about the University were the trips to all the great places of UK every other week. I couldn’t believe when we were taken to Cambridge on the very first week of our orientation. I met my best friend on one of those trips. We were also taken to Paris which was like living in a fairytale. With London being so near to the campus, I was able to experience all that London had to offer as one of the most beautiful, magnificent and amazing cities in the world.

Hopes for the future/ultimate goal?

I don’t believe in an ultimate goal. Life is a personal journey and an ongoing process, but I do see myself working in the personal development sector because it is something I am passionate about. I would like to have a company like Mindvalley. I am also an art lover so someday I would like to have a production house of my own and collaborate with artists from all over the world. I definitely see myself on the New York Times best-selling author list in the near future.

5 people you’d invite to a dinner party- can be living or dead.

My brother, Steve Jobs, T. Herv Ecker, Bob Proctor and Keanu Reeves. I think we would make a hell of a team and could party from dusk till dawn.


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