Nkiruka George-Umerah

MSc Public Health, 2014

Nkiruka George-Umerah

What inspired you to take the course that you did?
I am very passionate about Public health education and even though I qualified as a registered nurse, I was unfulfilled in practice. There was more I needed to know to give more; I am passionate about Quality Healthcare delivery and I had to keep chasing that dream.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Bedfordshire? 
To start with, three of my friends from Nursing school who had expressed the desire to further their studies in the UK were already in the UK.  Two of them were at the University and it just made it easy to be with people I knew, especially as I was coming to study in a new environment. However, after I applied and was accepted for  admission, I took some time to review UoB and I was very impressed and comfortable to start my journey there.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you have been doing since graduating?
Since graduating, I moved back home, got a role with a health insurance firm in Nigeria and worked as the Country representative (Health Service Manager) managing Patient engagement and interfacing with several hospitals and providers, Climate intelligence of Health issues, Management of Chronic conditions and most especially developing policies for the organisation. Unfortunately the role came to an end in August 2018 and soon after I started another role with a leading fertility Centre in Nigeria where I play an integral role in the Quality Management System of the entire organisation.

What is your current role and how has your career developed?
My current role is Quality Manager. My career development has been a multi-faceted one, swaying between healthcare management to strategic thinking and management to learning how to Drive and manage a business.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your current role? 
Internal auditing, this is where I am able to objectively and independently assess all current processes and policies, to give an assurance that all organisational objectives are being met across departments and roles. I have learnt and grown a lot, especially my observation skills, critical thinking, strategic management and risk assessment. I totally love it.

What is your most memorable achievement to date? 
Being a certified arbitrator, certified Lead Auditor and being made a Board of Trustee for an NGO I love so dearly (Mumspring Foundation).

How did your time at the University of Bedfordshire help? 
It helped a lot! All I learnt about Policy development is very integral to what I do today. I write policies for a living ...lol                                             

What are your best memories of the University of Bedfordshire? 
My first day in Class, seeing all the different personalities from around the world and having the opportunity to Volunteer at Health watch Luton and Luton Borough Council. My study time in the Library overnight...My lecturers - Dr Shubby, Dr Anthony, Dr Dong to mention a few. My Graduation! - and of course all the lifetime friendships I built during my time at the University.

What are you aspirations for the future? 
Global Policy Maker with plans to consult and work with WHO,UNDCP, UNESCO and other bodies to help shape Healthcare Policies globally .

What advice would you like to share with current students or recent graduates? 
You are only there for a short time, so use it wisely, build friends (they always come in handy in the future) learn, grow and most especially be YOU!

What 5 people would you invite to a dinner party- they can be living or dead?

  • My Dad & Mum (George and Cecilia)
  • My best friends (Lola, Nonso, Kelechi, Stella and Victoria) and
  • My siblings (Chibueze, Onyekachi, Chisorom and Ngozi)  (Obviously over 5 but it wouldn’t be a dinner party without them)



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