Heritage Enterprise Hub

Heritage Enterprise Hub

About the Programme

Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the Heritage Enterprise Hub takes on the learnings of the Artist’s Enterprise Zone that was initially funded by Arts Council England through the Luton Investment Programme. It provides a programme of needs-driven online and physical training sessions and events. Delivered across Bedfordshire, the programme works in dialogue with Heritage Impact Accelerator participants, regional delivery partners and colleagues from across the University's academic faculties and professional departments.

Heritage Enterprise Hub is designed to help individuals and organisations who are interested in working across and/or engaging in the local heritage sector. This includes students/local graduates, those who work or volunteer in Bedfordshire’s heritage sector and those who wish to informally extend their skills through informal and free provision. Working in partnership with Bedfordshire's LCEPs, the Heritage Enterprise Hub also supports local schools, teachers and educational support staff in Bedfordshire to embed culture and heritage into pedagogic, curricular and enrichment activity.

Sessions will include practical help with issues relating to working across heritage, completing bids, building strategic partnerships and networks, building digital infrastructure, engaging with schools, developing archives, and improving professional resilience and diversifying income.

The Heritage Education Hub will run parallel to the Enterprise Hub. While Enterprise sessions are more business-focused, the Education Hub will meet the needs of educators across Bedfordshire including teachers, researchers, and those involved in community initiatives and outreach.

The Education Hub will have sessions exploring how to introduce heritage to a learning environment, how to create education partnerships, and how Luton and Bedfordshire’s heritage offer can be embedded into a curriculum.

The Education Hub will work in partnership with Luton’s Local Cultural Education Partnership and Bedford’s LCEP, Bedford Arts and Cultural Education. The Education Hub will be delivered alongside the Enterprise Hub.

Alongside delivery, a range place-based heritage “how-to” guides will be developed in partnership with the National Lottery Heritage Fund in order to ensure a wider audience can benefit from project support. The guides will be launched at the same time as each Accelerator Open Week event is held as part of the Heritage Impact Accelerator programme

Strategic Programme Ambitions

In delivering Heritage Enterprise Hub, we will have:

  • Increased diversity in Luton's heritage sector, evidenced through participants engaging with Heritage Hub activities and events.
  • Engaged a wide range of people and supported them to develop/enhance their own heritage offers, which engages local communities further.
  • Impact will be made sustainable through continued partnership between UoB, project participants and various local peer-to-peer networks, including Luton’s Heritage Forum and through new opportunities harnessed by Luton Borough Council’s Heritage Enabler.

For more information, please contact culture@beds.ac.uk