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Bridging learning spaces

Bridges CETL funded or helped to design various learning spaces across the University designed to support the collaborative and creative working required to underpin a skills and employability rich curriculum.

C Space

Bridges own learning spaces

Integral to Bridges was the relationship between learning and space, a context around which the Bridges Learning Spaces has been developed. Bridges CETL was seen as a professional working environment that was extensively used by both, staff and students.


Staff and students frequently made use of the technology-rich C-space (Creative Space), which offered writable walls, allowing participants to use the space creatively by sketching out and developing ideas. In many cases the learning space enhanced team building opportunities.

S space


S-space (Social Space) was designed to enhance learner engagement in a relaxed setting. It was used by staff and students for informal meetings, lunches, social activities and events.

Across the University

Bridges Learning Spaces further influenced the development of spaces across the University such as:

Business Pods were designed to replicate the professional environment in a real business setting. The Pods occupy two levels of the Business School and comprise of various smaller rooms (meeting room, board room, IT and creative spaces) ideal for group work, presentations and brainstorming. Read more on the Business Pods website

Business Pods

Gemini Suite - Castor and Polux were developed to meet the needs of small business and local employers to visit and co-operate with the University. They are used for small scale lectures, seminars and student presentations to employers.

Social learning space in the library was created to enhance student learning experience by providing them with relaxed, yet professional space equipped with technology. It is being extensively used by students not only for social reasons but for group projects, team work, presentation preparations and discussions. 


Documents and project reports about the use of creative learning spaces:

  • Maja Jankowska, (2008)- Use of creative space in enhancing students' engagement, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, Vol 45,3, p 271-279 (view PDF);
  • See also social learning spaces presentation 1 (view PPT) and presentation 2 (view PPT) linked to the article above;
  • Further information about the development of the spaces at the University is available at the JISC website
  • Kathryn Wolfe and Anthony Greenbank (2010) describe the benefits of using the c-space with students studying a Television Production unit.  Internal publication. (View PDF).
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