Register as a volunteer and log your hours

Register as a volunteer and log your hours

Have you done any volunteering since 1st September 2021?

Start logging your volunteering hours now to receive your University of Bedfordshire Volunteering Award.

Log your volunteering hours

What is the volunteering award?

The volunteering award is a certificate issued by the Careers and Employability Service which recognises the number of volunteering hours you have logged throughout the academic year. For this year’s award, any hours you volunteer from 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022 can count towards your total hours.

The award is a tiered system and you will receive a different level of award depending on the number of hours you have volunteered:

  • Recognition of Volunteering Award: Under 50 hours of Volunteering
  • Bronze Award: 50 hours of volunteering
  • Silver Award: 100 hours of volunteering
  • Gold Award: 200 hours of volunteering
  • Platinum Award: 250+ hours of volunteering

Certificates will be issued in the Autumn 2022

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