Linking PebblePad to BREO

PebblePad should be linked via a BREO unit as this ensures students and staff are automatically have access to resources that you have prepared.

Adding resources and content for students

  • You are attempting to upload the correct resources to the correct Workspace
  • The resources do not contain any information that might reveal information about one student to others, or protected characteristics of other students
  • The resources
  • The resources are shared in the right way, and any restrictions (e.g. hiding from students) are in place
  • That you need to keep a local copy of the file you just uploaded? Do you need to delete the files?
  • You know who should see the resource (e.g. external examiners) and that you have taken precautions to secure the resource


When adding feedback in writing or attaching a file to an assignment

  • Ensure that the feedback is for the correct student
  • If the file is stored locally, consider if the file should be deleted after addition

Lead tutors, tutors and Moderators

When assigning rights for colleagues to complete the assessment process you must ensure that the level of access reflects the role you want the assessor(s) to undertake.

Lead tutors - should be the marker with overall responsibility for the assessment outcomes

Tutors – secondary markers or those markers not responsible for overall grades


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