Computer based exams

Computer based exams

Blackboard in BREO can deliver surveys, quizzes tests and exams online, via a connected browser and on a mobile device using an option inside your Blackboard unit (see links below). Surveys are available only within each unit and capture answers anonymously, as you would expect with a survey; useful for establishing where your students are when they start the course, where they are with confidence online, etc.

Formative quizzes and tests are very useful where facts and knowledge are concerned, allowing you to use a wide range of question types and (except in the case of open-text responses) set up automatic feedback depending on the answer given (right or wrong) and automatically assign marks, including negative marking. Try getting your students to devise questions, together with the feedback for right and wrong answers – great for engaging them with the assessment process and having them compete for the best question setting.

Summative computer-based exams are also run in University Square on computers provided with a secure browser that allows students to only answer the questions, blocking access to any other website or other part of the computer. In order to run summative computer-based exams, yours must be a unit where this method of assessment has been approved and you must be registered with the Assessment Office.

You must also have attended training and/or assured the Head of Learning Technology that your question setting skills are sufficiently robust to meet our standards. After the exam has been run, you can use new tools in the Blackboard Grade Centre to provide you with sophisticated analysis of not only how the students, but also of how your exam itself performed, allowing you to improve for next time.

University Policy

The University has a policy which covers Computer Based Assessments and Examinations. Chapter 8 of the University's Quality Handbook - PDF 467.5 KB contains details of the proper assessment procedures colleagues should follow.

Training and development

For training in using the survey-quiz-exam tool in Blackboard in BREO, please contact Kaspars Dzerins at

For training in question writing (a requirement for Computer Based Exams), please contact David Pike at


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