Mobile learning

Mobile learning

You may have heard the acronym BYOD. It stands for Bring Your Own Device and this is increasingly what our students are doing, be it a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone – or two! Students expect their learning to be when they need it and where they want it and we need to make every effort to accommodate them. We've invested in the mobile app for Blackboard, so that they (and you) can get the app (iOS and Android) for access to Blackboard units and the tools included on a smartphone, at no cost to them and you. If you use Blackboard Collaborate to deliver classes online or provide an online office event, there's an app for it (iOS and Android) and iOS users can get an app for Panopto.

Mobile Learning Project

The CLE Learning Technologies Team is running a year-long project to explore the potential and possibilities of mobile learning in all its different guises, bringing together a group of up to 30 academic colleagues – either individually or as teams – to explore the potential for using the functionality and flexibility of mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) to promote and support learning and to engage students with the devices they are perhaps closest to. Participants in the project may also use Blackboard ConnectTxt, a two-way SMS texting as a pedagogic tool, right in your BREO unit.

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