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Postgraduate Certficate in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCertTHE)

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education

The PgCTHE supports participants' development as competent, capable and creative higher education academic practitioners who employ an evidence-informed approach to their practice and context. The course is situated within the University's Professional Teaching Scheme (PTS) and is accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Terry Lee
Community radio station co-ordinator

The PGCert qualification has ultimately given me confidence that I can offer students an engaging, worthwhile teaching experience. Now I have a HEA Fellowship I no longer feel like I’m some sort of imposter in a HE setting. Since completing the course I have more ideas on different ways I can keep my students performing to the best of their abilities. The CLE were always so helpful in supporting me through my qualification.

Who is this course for?

  • Those new to teaching and/or supporting learning in Higher Education;
  • Those who wish to further develop pedagogic knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • Those who wish to study 60 credits at Level 7;
  • Those who want to gain a professional qualification in teaching in higher education;
  • Those who wish to gain a new or different HEA accreditation (i.e. Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow).

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Applicants must provide evidence to show they will be teaching and/or supporting learning for a minimum of 50 hours over the duration of the ten-month course;
  • Applicants must be supported by satisfactory references from their Line Manager;
  • Hourly paid lecturers must have a substantial contract.

How do I apply?

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for any questions you may still have about applying for or completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education at the University of Bedfordshire.

How many hours study will I have to do?

The PgCTHE is comprised of four 15-credit units. For each unit, you are expected to undertake 150 hours’ of independent study. Each unit lasts 15 weeks which equates to 10 hours study per week. This includes any face-to-face, online activities, independent study and preparation for assessment.

When will I be expected to study?

The course is delivered through blended learning, with face-to-face workshops, online learning activities and webinars. You will be expected to engage with the course materials on a weekly basis. You may be entitled to take study leave if you are employed as a permanent member of staff at the University. Please refer to the training policy - PDF 123.7 KB or contact the Staff Development department at for further information. Otherwise, as with any other academic course, you will be expected to study in your own time

Is the 50 teaching hours’ time included in my study time?

Yes and you must provide evidence of this with your application form. Teaching hours can be interpreted widely but must involve actual engagement with teaching and/or supporting students in their learning e.g. one-to-one, advising, mentoring, supervising, teaching, seminars etc.

How long will the course take?

You can complete the course in 12 months by taking 1 x 15 credit unit in semester one; 2 x 15 credit unit in semester 2; and 1 x 15 credit modules in semester 3.

What are the fees?

In 2017-18, the tuition fees are £2267. Permanent members of University of Bedfordshire staff who meet the entry requirements do not have to pay fees.

I’m an hourly paid lecturer, can I complete the course?

Hourly Paid Lecturers must be teaching substantive teaching contract (over 26 weeks), have a significant amount of teaching hours (e.g. over 50 hours), and must have written agreement and support of their line manager (submitted as a reference in application).

I’m an hourly paid lecturer, do I have to pay fees?

If you are employed on a substantive teaching contract, i.e. for longer than 26 weeks, you will not have to pay the fee. If scheduled classes take place on a day you are not contracted to work, please discuss attendance with your line manager.

I am a postgraduate student, can I complete the course?

Postgraduate students will not be able to apply for the PGCertTHE. However, the CLE offer a teaching and learning course designed and delivered for research students called 'Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education'

I previously completed some units on a similar qualification, can these be counted as credit towards the PgCTHE?

Yes they can. For further information on accreditation of prior learning please visit the University’s application form page  or email There is a five year expiry limit for previously gained credits.

I already hold HEA Fellowship and would like to work towards HEA Senior Fellowship, would this course help me?

The course will supplement your HEA fellowship by enabling you to gain a Level 7 qualification in teaching/supporting learning in higher education. You may be able to progress towards Senior Fellowship via the PgCTHE route by completing the three compulsory units and taking the “Leading Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” as your optional choice. However, by completing this unit you are in no way guaranteed to gain Senior Fellowship and some students take the unit as a foundation to build their Senior Fellow application from. Therefore, before embarking on this route, please contact for further information.

Will I have to pay any fees if I leave the University before I finish the course?

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