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Work in our fantastic facilities, including the Business Pods which resemble a modern office environment to get you work-ready. Prepare for your professional career through our professional placements, live projects and networking opportunities with guest speakers. Work on real projects for real business as part of our Practice Weeks, and learn the essential sought-after skills needed to succeed in industry.

▮   Aviation and Airport Management BSc (Hons)

▮   Business Administration (Top up) BA (Hons)

▮   Business Economics BA (Hons)

▮   Business Management (Foundation Degree)

▮   Business Management (with placement) BA (Hons)

▮   Business Management BA (Hons)

▮   Business Management with Law BSc (Hons)

▮   Business Studies (Finance) BA (Hons)

▮   Business Studies (General Route) BA (Hons)

▮   Business Studies (International) BA (Hons)

▮   Business Studies (Marketing) BA (Hons)

▮   Business Studies (Project Management) BA (Hons)

▮   Economics and Finance BSc (Hons)

▮   Event Management BA (Hons)

▮   Events Marketing and Management (with placement) BA (Hons)

▮   Hospitality and Tourism Management BA (Hons)

▮   Human Resource Management (with placement) BSc (Hons)

▮   Human Resource Management BSc (Hons)

▮   International Business BA (Hons)

▮   International Finance and Banking BSc (Hons)

▮   International Tourism Management BA (Hons)

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