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Video Conferencing

All five campuses are now equipped with state-of-the-art videoconferencing facilities which are bookable by staff through the Information Services helpdesk.

How do I connect?

You can connect your H.323 videoconferencing system to the University's videoconferencing system by dialling our Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU). Connections can be made by any of the following methods:

Method Contact
E.164 0044012211001
IP (Address)

When you dial in, you will be presented with both voice and on-screen prompts to select a conference session. You will need to have pre-arranged your conference session. Staff can arrange a conference session through the Information Services helpdesk.

Up to 12 endpoints can take part in a conference using the University's MCU. Larger conferences can be arranged by staff on request.

Larger conferences will make use of JANET Videoconferencing Service (JVCS) facilities and contact numbers in these cases may differ from the ones above.

You can dial directly in to any of the University's videoconferencing endpoints via their E.164 numbers:

Site E.164 Number
Luton University Square Mobile 1 0044012214000
Luton University Square Mobile 2 0044012214001
Bedford Mobile 1 0044012215000
Putteridge Bury Mobile 1 0044012217000
Butterfield Park Mobile 1 0044012216000
Oxford House Mobile 1 0044012218000

Please note that some systems may be switched off or not set to auto-answer, especially when they are located in teaching rooms or private offices.

Desktop Videoconferencing

You can also use most standard webcams and headsets/speakerphones to connect over SIP using the Tandberg ConferenceMe software.

Please note that ConferenceMe is only available for Windows PCs. SIP clients are available for other platforms.

High-definition laptop/desktop webcams and speakerphones are available on each site for loan to staff. Please contact the Information Services helpdesk or your local site administrator for details.

Where conferences are pre-arranged in which you are a desktop participant, you will be sent an email link to the videoconference. Simply clicking on the link will initiate the conference.

Alternatively you can go to this conference link website and click on the appropriate link

Anti-Virus and Firewall Software

You may experience problems connecting to conferences using ConferenceMe. This is most often caused by anti-virus/firewall software.

Advice on how to configure your anti-virus/firewall can be found at:

If you are still experiencing problems connecting, you should contact your local network administrator in the first instance.

ISDN Users

If you use an ISDN videoconferencing system, you can still connect to the University's videoconferencing system via JVCS.

For help and advice on booking bridged sessions through the JVCS, please visit their website. You will need to pre-book your session with the University. Members of staff can do this through the Information Services helpdesk.


Support for the Videoconferencing system is available from the Information Services helpdesk on x3366 or +44 (0)1582 743366.

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