Milton Keynes

Community and Faith at Milton Keynes

The Community and Faith team at Milton Keynes campus is part of Student Support at the University of Bedfordshire; it offers pastoral care and personal and religious support to all students and staff.

We are a multi faith team with chaplains from a range of faith traditions, the aspiration is to develop the team so that most of the world faiths are represented and contacts are established with religious groups and spiritual organisations in Milton Keynes.

All chaplains will relate to all students and staff, though each has a specific faith tradition and some have specialist areas of knowledge.

The Community and Faith team offer:

  • pastoral care and personal support to all students and staff at Milton Keynes campus
  • pastoral care, personal and religious support to relatives and friends in some circumstances e.g. bereavement
  • a focal point for students and staff who wish to explore faith, spirituality and worship
  • links with faith communities, religious and spiritual organisations
  • help to students and staff who are facing big questions about meaning and purpose in life, about what it is to be human and what it is to be a good individual and community
  • confidential listening - we do not judge or make assumptions, we empower people to resolve issues for themselves and support students and staff through any necessary processes
  • appropriate referral to other University and Students' Union support services and to external agencies as appropriate

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Bedford campus

SeedBeds Community & Faith Centre
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Aylesbury campus (Stoke Mandeville)
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Milton Keynes campus
Community & Faith Team
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