Exam tips

Tips to get prepared for and through your exams

1. Get up and get a full bellyExam tips

You've heard of hangry right? Anger caused by being hungry? It can be quite consuming, so get a good decent breakfast in you, and whatever you have, follow it with some fruit. A banana is a good choice as it will slowly release potassium which will help keep you awake throughout the day!

2. Be organised

Have you got everything you need, and know where to be? You don’t want to be the one to walk in late to an exam, in some cases late entry will be denied. So make sure you know where your exam is taking place, and leave plenty of time to get there.

3.Stay calm

You’ve arrived early, yes? So take a few moments before the exam to concentrate on breathing, focus and remember, you’ve done the hard work, now all you need is to recall the answers, they are there in your mind. You’ve learned this, you got this.

4.Take your time

So you are in the exam. Take time to read each question and make sure you understand what it is actually asking you. Check back through the instructions on the paper to ensure you’ve answered everything you've been asked to.

5. Finished with time to spare?

Don’t panic if you see the person next to you still writing and you think you are all done. Use this time to read through your work, make sure each answer makes sense and that you are happy with the paper. Then sit back relax, you’ve done it!