Parents Guide to Clearing

It might be your child that is thinking of heading off to Bedfordshire for the next three years, but as a parent you still want to know they will be safe, gain a great education and get a great experience.

So let’s start with explaining what Clearing is:

Clearing or adjustment as it can be known as, is a part of the university application process that allows students who are not currently holding any offers to obtain a place on a university course that still has spaces available.

Clearing opened on Monday 6th July 2020 however your child will only be able to apply for a university place if they already have their results. For most this will be on 13 August 2020.

So how can you help your child through clearing?

Remain positive!

Clearing used to be seen as a last chance saloon to secure a place at university. This is certainly not the case these days. It is important to remind your child that clearing is an opportunity to reflect on previous choices and change their mind if they wish to. Back in January they may have selected courses in subject areas they may now want to change, and clearing is the perfect opportunity to do that.   

They can use UCAS’s search tool to find all the courses they can apply for. This year, UCAS’s new Clearing Plus service can also personally match your child to courses they may be interested in.

What about student finance this year?

You and your child may be concerned about the Covid-19 impact on student finance. The good news is there is no impact to the finance your child will be offered as a result of the pandemic. If your child has already applied for student finance, they can log in to their student finance account and update the details of the university and course if they make a new decision through clearing.  

Prompt your child to make an application for student finance as soon as possible. They can apply for finance through their relevant student finance office in EnglandScotlandWales or Northern Ireland.

Finally, don’t panic.

If your child finds themselves with different grades to those they expected, take the time to carefully check course entry requirements with them and encourage them to consider applying for a course with requirements close to their grades. Help them to take time thinking about their decision, it’s one that will affect you all for the next three years and beyond!


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