Placements get you industry experience and ready to graduate as a professional

When exploring options for studying, more and more students are asking for hands on work experience during their degree.

Here at Bedfordshire we have the answer, 12 week work placements as part of your three-year degree, or one year working in industry. We call them professional placements.

Why are professional placements a good idea?

We understand that high quality placements can bring you a range of benefits and positive experiences. Placements can really aid your employability skills andyou’ll finish your course knowing exactly what to expect in the ‘real world’.

In fact in 2016, 32% of entry-level positions in the U.K. were filled by graduates who previously worked for their companies, either by completing a placement year or internship.*

61% of employers rated work experience as "the most popular qualification" among those presented.**

Future planning

Placements give you the opportunity to gain skills in a specific subject area or industry of choice as well as giving you the employability skills required for real-life work. Spending time out in industry will increase your knowledge of that sector, allowing you to make better-informed decisions about future career choices; it’s a great way to get out there and learn your trade.


Completing a placement can sometimes even lead to employment with the same workplace following your graduation. It is certainly an opportunity to network and strengthen you own industry links.  Many students use it as an opportunity to fact find and learn as much as they can about the work place they are in, the colleagues they are working with and the business sector itself.

Cara’s placement

Cara took up a 12 week placement as part of her course

Cara is studying a BA in Journalism with placement at our Milton Keynes campus. Cara took a 12 week placement at Phonebox Magazine, a community publication with articles relating to all aspects of life around the city.

“The placement really helped me develop as a writer, I can see the change in the work I produce now compared to before my time at Phonebox. I also gained sub-editing skills and got some interview practice. It looks great on my CV too.”