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The University of Bedfordshire’s ABC guide to submitting your choices

A – Ask questions. Do you want a campus or city university and do you want to be close to home or further away?  Campus tours are a great way to find out where you will be spending most of your time. They are generally available during January and February even after the deadline. It might even be worth contacting the institution directly for a private tour. Are the halls of residence close by or a bus journey away? What are the entry requirements for your course? Are you likely to meet them or are you overestimating your grades? What are graduates doing after they leave? You can always book onto an open day and visit one of our campuses to experience life here yourself.

B – Be personal. Your personal statement is about you and is an opportunity to ensure you stand out from the crowd so give yourself enough time to do a good job. What are you studying at the moment and how does it relate to what you want to study at university? Your application shouldn’t just be about your academic ability. Mention your interests and any work experience you have done.  Have you volunteered? Make sure you include all these things and write in plain English.

C – Check and check again.  Admissions tutors are dealing with thousands of applications so first impressions count. Check for spelling and grammar and make sure you read through your application several times so that it makes sense. If you can, get someone else to read your personal statement.  An extra pair of eyes will pick up mistakes you may have missed. If you miss the deadline check with your chosen institution to see whether they take late applications.

Apply via UCAS online or call or email Bedfordshire’s admissions team for advice – call 0300 3300 073 or email

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