Fee Assessments

Assessment of fee status

All applicants to the University must have their fees status determined as either home or overseas.

This is because the fees paid and eligibility for funding is different for home and international students.

Before we can progress with your application at the University of Bedfordshire we need to assess the level of tuition fees that you should pay. 

We may need further information and documents from you in order to make the right assessment.

Why we have asked you to complete a fee assessment form

We may contact you if you have told us:

  • you were born outside of the UK/EU
  • your nationality is something other than UK/EU 
  • you have not been ordinarily resident in the UK/EU for longer periods of time

In general, students are assessed as one of the following:

  • Home
  • European Union
  • Overseas fee payers

This assessment is made in line with UK regulations and guidance issued by the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA). 

Visit www.ukcisa.org.uk to find out more about these regulations.

Your fee status is based on the information provided by you on the Fee Assessment Form that you are sent by the Admissions office.

It is very important that you complete this form, attach the appropriate photocopied evidence required and return this all to the Admissions Office so that your fees status can be determined.

If the form is not completed in full, not returned or there is evidence missing, your status will be determined as overseas.

A check on your fee status will also happen during the registration process when your identity and original documentation are verified.

What to do if you feel that your fee status has been wrongly assessed

If you feel that you have been incorrectly assessed you should contact Admissions as quickly as possible.

The University is given a limit by the Government on the number of home fee paying students that it may admit.

Therefore a change in your fee status to home may affect your offer of a place at the University. 

Home/EU Admissions

Tel: 01582 743500 or email: admission@beds.ac.uk

A student's fee status is determined by the Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations and appropriate European Union legislation. The regulations are not set by the University and the University has no authority to over-ride them.

The regulations we use apply to higher education institutes in England. Different regulations apply to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to colleges of further education and programmes attracting an NHS bursary.


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