Business Administration (Executive) Executive MBA

About the course

The Executive MBA is our flagship part-time qualification aimed individuals with some management experience, with the potential for a successful career in strategic management and with the aspiration to achieve a leadership position.

The course adopts a practice-led curriculum and aims to develop an advanced knowledge of organisations and their effective management in the dynamic competitive global context, and the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to complex issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practice.

Business Administration (Executive) - Executive MBA - University Square Campus, Luton

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  • Course level - Postgraduate
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  • Campus Location - University Square Campus, Luton
  • Start dates - Oct
  • Duration - 2 Years
  • Attendance - | Part-time weekend delivery
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Why choose this course?

  • Study a broad range of business subjects and enjoy the personal and professional development of your skills and knowledge, underpinned by the latest research in management, innovation and change
  • Explore the latest developments in key industry sectors, and work on the latest thinking relating to organisational progress and change in a competitive global context
  • Develop your ability to cooperate with colleagues and reflect on your knowledge, learning and practice through theoretical and practical interaction with your peers and tutors
  • Gain business competence, strengthen your confidence, credibility, and use our dedicated careers service to fast-track your potential to join an organisation in a variety of positions
  • Benefit from tutors who possess a range of practical experience in management and leadership who can help develop your entrepreneurial and creativity skills.

Unit Information – What Will I Learn?


  • Accounting For Leaders (SHR036-6) Compulsory
  • Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management (MAR015-6) Compulsory
  • Integrated Management Project (SHR043-6) Compulsory
  • Leadership Project (SHR011-6) Compulsory
  • Leading And Managing People (SHR012-6) Compulsory
  • Marketing Management (SHR037-6) Compulsory
  • Mobilising Creativity And Innovation (SHR044-6) Compulsory
  • Operations And Project Management (SHR039-6) Compulsory
  • Personal And Professional Development (SHR053-6) Compulsory
  • Strategy (SHR019-6) Compulsory
  • Thriving In A Competitive Global Context (MAR023-6) Compulsory

How will I be assessed?

The assessment strategy is as follows:

1. The underpinning philosophy of all the assessments is developmental, building on your knowledge, expertise and capabilities to ensure that you are an able and confident leader and manager. This emphasis will enable you to explore, experience and develop your understanding of leadership, management and innovation within the context of your business and personal needs.

2. This is exemplified by the Leadership Project and the Integrated Management Project. These two units will allow considerable autonomy for participants to reflect upon their personal models of leadership in terms of their individual competence areas. Critical evaluation and reflective observation skills are developed in the context of personal effectiveness which will facilitate critique across a range of leadership issues in business environments. The two projects are inter-linked in that the Leadership Project provides an essential theoretical and personal conceptual foundation which is then applied in the Company Strategic Analysis project which integrates all other aspects of the course within the case study of an individual organisation.

3. The overall aim of the assessment strategy is that you will receive constructive feedback from your course tutors, and student peers within the group. The team will support you to help you to use this feedback as part of your continuing professional and self-development and to ensure you are enabled to do this you will be provided with group and individual tutorial support from the team. This, in turn, links to your personal and professional development unit offered on the course. Your tutor will give you the active guidance to plan the next stages of your learning. This opportunity for supported self-reflection will enable you to take charge of your learning through developing critical evaluation and planning skills.

4. To facilitate and maximise learning for all students a range of assessment methods are used throughout the course and you will be required to undertake a variety of group and individual based assessments throughout the duration of the course. These assessments include individual and group written feedback assignments and projects, action learning reports as well as presentations They are all rooted in authentic and practical workplace scenarios to enable learning to be transferred to the workplace. The assessments are designed to test knowledge and understanding of the appropriate underpinning theoretical input and research, but also to demonstrate your skills. An appropriate sample of all assessed work will be subject to multiple marking and external moderation to ensure appropriate quality standards and intended learning outcomes are achieved as well as consistency and fairness to all. The course will maintain a balance between examinations and assignments (group and individual) and may employ other formats including online tests and presentations. The final project the Integrated Management Project, pulls together all aspects of the course through a detailed review of a specific organisation.

5. Apart from the formal assessments there will be an emphasis on self and peer assessment. However all formal assessments will be marked, graded and moderated by professional tutors only. The aim is for you to become an independent and self-directed lifelong learner and you will not only gain the skills and advantages of using self-reflection but you will gain more feedback from the conventional tutor-student written feedback. This will be used primarily as part of a formative assessment process within the units, rather than in the summative part, where moderation by others may be used.

The Dissertation stage of the Executive MBA is defined as:

  • Leadership Project (30 Credits) &
  • Integrated Management Project.(30 credits)

Entry requirements

In order to benefit from the degree you will need to have an educational, experiential or professional base that involves working with others in a management capacity.  In order to cope with the demands of the course you should have:

  • An Honours degree in any discipline from a recognised higher education institution;
  • Appropriate Management experience of at least 2 years (or equivalent);
  • For international students English competence of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent is required;
  • Special entry options are available for those with no degree but with extensive management experience.

You may discuss with the Course Director before acceptance for the degree and he/she will explain more fully to you the implications and intended outcomes of the course and explore with you your ability to engage in the learning requirements of the qualification.

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

We anticipate that when you complete your degree you will possess the ability to become a positive change agent in any organisation and an obvious champion for the added value of a dynamic and innovative organisational culture. You will also have had extensive and continuous opportunity for reflective and critical evaluation of your capability as a team worker and leader. The course may also equip you to start your own business or expand the business you are in.

The course includes a professional and personal development strand that will be assessed. This will enable you to enhance your employability skills, reflect on the skills and knowledge you may need to accelerate your career and bring value to your current and future employment. This relates to a key theme in the Education Strategy that offers you the opportunity to participate in a curriculum that is focused on employability and that enables all students to maximise their opportunities.

During the course you will have extensive networking opportunities within the wider course team as well as the University. You can talk through career and further development opportunities with your tutor as well as your peers and wider circle. Whatever you decide to do you will have a toolkit of knowledge and capabilities developed from the course that will support and enable you.

Go Global

Whether you want to learn a new language, build networks, simply have the travel bug, or want to develop new skills and life experiences, our Go Global programme offers the opportunity to broaden your horizons, enhance your CV, and gain a truly international experience, all at the same time as studying towards your undergraduate degree. The Go Global programme is open to students from the UK and EU.

Travel to exciting destinations, including:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • New York
  • Malaysia and Singapore

At the University of Bedfordshire we ensure that your experience here is cultural, as well as academic. That’s why a whole host of opportunities are opened up to you, providing you with that all important experience to make you stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting graduates jobs.

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At the University of Bedfordshire we ensure that your experience here is cultural, as well as academic. That’s why a whole host of opportunities are opened up to you, providing you with that all important experience to make you stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting graduates jobs.

Fees and funding

  • Fees are £10,500

    The University reserves the right to increase tuition fees by no more than inflation.

  • Fees are £12,500

    The University reserves the right to increase tuition fees by no more than inflation.


See UK/EU Postgraduate students for full information on fees and funding.


A prompt payment discount is available if you pay the full fee before or at registration. There are also special scholarships available.

See Fees and Funding for International Students for full information.


Our flagship £34m Campus Centre is funky and functional. It brings together all our student services, social and learning spaces, and a 240-seat lecture theatre under one roof.

The Campus Centre building is connected to the rest of the University and the first floor acts as a one-stop shop for all students services.

Designed for work as well as play, the Campus Centre incorporates relaxed learning zones with Wi-Fi access.

It also features the Students' Union support services and executive offices alongside places to eat

Accommodation at Luton

Our contemporary en-suite accommodation features 852 fully-furnished flats, just part of our accommodation offering of more than 1,500 study rooms.

This exciting new facility includes:

  • state-of-the-art IT and AV equipment
  • informal and quiet learning spaces
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  • a student lounge and cafe

Luton campus is home to the following departments:

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Whatever degree you choose the facilities will be first class:

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Town centre location

The Luton campus is right in the centre of town next to a large shopping mall and within easy walking distance of the student halls, train and bus stations.

Directions to Luton campus

Luton is the largest town in Bedfordshire and is approximately 50km north of London.

It has excellent transport links to the rest of the UK and Europe, and central London is only a 30-minute train journey away.

Luton is has excellent transport links to other cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Milton Keynes. London Luton Airport is located just 2.5km from the Luton campus.

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