Preparation for Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) Undergraduate Course

About the course

This course enables you to enhance your language and academic skills to help you in your future studies or your chosen career.

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English is well known worldwide and is respected by employers and academic institutions.

Preparation for Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) - Undergraduate Course - University Square Campus, Luton

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  • Course level - Undergraduate
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  • Campus Location - University Square Campus, Luton
  • Start dates - Feb,Oct
  • Duration - 1 Years
  • Attendance - | Part-time evening
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Why choose this course?

On completion of this 12-week course you should be able to:

  • Understand a range of written texts, including recognition of opinion, tone, purpose and attitude
  • Produce non-specialised types of text, such as articles, essays, letters and reports
  • Participate in discussions and express thoughts coherently using appropriate grammatical structures and lexical range
  • Understand a range of spoken communication including media broadcasts, lectures, speeches and interviews
  • Apply to sit the Cambridge exams if you wish and gain a qualification equivalent to the Common European Framework of Reference for language (CEFR) level C1 for grades B or C (equivalent  to IELTS 6.5-7.5), or C2 for grade A (equivalent to IELTS 8.0-9.0).

Unit Information – What Will I Learn?

Preparation for Certificate in Advanced English

Courses run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for four hours per week.

Classes begin in September and February and run for 12 weeks, in order to coincide with the December and June Cambridge exam sessions.

Features include:

  • A highly communicative course
  • Use of informal and formal language in different contexts
  • All four language skills covered: reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Preparation for further academic studies or future career

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How will I be assessed?

Before your course, you will complete a placement test, to check your knowledge of reading, presenting ideas in writing, and demonstrate understanding of the use of English.

During the course, you will undertake a range of tasks, including class assessment tests and work to be done at home, covering all four language skills. You will also have a mid-point progress test covering speaking, reading, listening and writing.  Additionally, you will be offered the opportunity of taking the Cambridge CAE exam.

Your final assessment will usually be the external Cambridge CAE examination, testing your ability in all four language skills and your use of English. This final examination is not compulsory.

You will be offered the chance to speak to your class tutor, to discuss progress and review formative assessments, class work and homework, and identify strategies for improving areas of weakness.

Entry requirements

  • Internal placement test

Optional:  success in FCE main suite exam

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, and improve your CV for work and studies, preparing for the CAE exam is the course which will ‘open doors’ and increase job opportunities in your country and internationally.

Cambridge examinations are recognised throughout the world by employers, colleges and universities.

This course develops your verbal and written communication skills as well as academic study skills, which you can later transfer to other academic studies or employment. Excellent communications skills are essential for the professional world and will make a difference to your effectiveness in interviews, face to face meetings, on the phone or in electronic communication.

You may already have a degree in your home country, but the advanced level of study can help you to progress onto an Undergraduate or Postgraduate programme at a British university.

Our open evening, prior to the start of your course, includes a 1 to 1 interview, to find out your language targets and your study and career plans. We have had 30 years of experience in supporting our international students and many of us have been in the same position of studying in a foreign country, using a different language, so we know how it feels.
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Bedfordshire is a small county with lots to offer.

However you enjoy spending your free time, you won’t have to look far in Bedfordshire to find somewhere to relax, socialise or explore the great outdoors. 

We are also conveniently located around 30 minutes by train from London, offering you the city experience with a homely feel.

Bedfordshire offers:

  • A range of pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • High street and independent shopping
  • Museums, galleries and theatres - and our own University Theatre
  • Entertainment centres
  • Stunning countryside
  • Professional sport and world-class facilities
  • Headquarters of a number of notable UK and international companies
  • Luton International Carnival and Bedford River Festival

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