The College of Social Work (TCSW)

The Social Work Task Force called for the creation of an independent and strong organisation which would represent and support the social work profession, e.g. in discussion with policy makers, government, the public, media and other professions. That organisation is The College of Social Work (TCSW) which is the new professional body for social work.

It will be the role of TCSW on behalf of the profession, to champion high standards and drive excellence in social work and social work education over and above the threshold standards held by the HCPC. It will promote good practice, provide information and guidance and disseminate research to support improvement. The TCSW is a democratic organisation led by, and accountable to, its members.

It encourages active participation through involvement in practice based Faculties and Communities of Interest and the education and development community, which will enable practitioners and other stakeholders to contribute to developing policy and practice. For further details about the mission and work of TCSW and how you can become involved please click here.

TCSW holds the new professional standards for England agreed through the Social Work Reform Board (SWRB), including the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) new arrangements for social work education and training, the practice educator professional standards (PEPS) and new arrangements for CPD.

Like other professional bodies TCSW is working alongside the Health and Care Professionals Council who are responsible for the registration and regulation of social workers in England. For example the College has developed an endorsement scheme for social work degree courses. This operates alongside the regulatory function of approval carried out by HCPC and is designed to support and supplement the HCPC requirements not duplicate them.

TCSW criteria for endorsement focuses on monitoring the implementation of the social work education reforms to enhance and improve the quality of courses, whilst HCPC focuses on ensuring its threshold requirements for course provision which prepares graduates to practice in a safe and ethical way are met. Endorsement is not a formal requirement but, as the HCPC expects programmes to reflect the requirements of their professional body, the easiest way of demonstrating this will be through the College. To date all courses seeking HCPC approval have also sought TCSW endorsement. A list of the endorsed courses and a brief report will be posted on the TCSW website once agreed. 

TCSW also has a scheme to endorse post-qualifying education and training. See further details here.

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