Chenai Chimtashu - Extended Degree, Applied Social Studies


Why did you choose the University of Bedfordshire?

I felt it had the right courses for me to study. Also, I live in Luton and it is near home and I didn't need to travel.

What has been the most challenging task you have accomplished in your degree?

So far it has been time management. As a mother, worker and student it is very difficult to juggle, but here at University I have been taught how to manage time for my studies, family and social life.

How does this course prepare you for employment?

This course has opened my eyes and has equipped me to work in the human services sector.

Why would you recommend this course to others?

The course offers extra knowledge about the things that we do in our everyday lives, for example, looking after someone or helping someone who needs help.

Which practical aspects of the course do you enjoy the most and why?

Working with other students from other courses in one group for one cause to meet the needs of a service use (multi-agency working).

What do you like about the facilities?

The University of Bedfordshire has spacious auditoriums. The libraries are well stocked with books. If you can't find a book, you can always reserve it from other campuses.

Are the staff members supportive with your studies?

The staff have been very helpful throughout. Also, staff from PAD (Professional Academic Development) (library log in required) was so helpful with assignments and going through the feedbacks.

Apart from studying, what else about university do you enjoy?

It has a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of chilling out spots. The building of the Campus Centre has helped a lot as it has joined the University Square building to the Vicarage Street building. It now takes less time to cross over for lectures.

Which university services do you use most and why?

I like to be in the library especially the Silent Area Wifi rooms.

What do you like most about living and studying in Bedfordshire?

I live in Luton and being at University of Bedfordshire gives me an opportunity of meeting other people from cultures and nationalities as it has a multicultural diversity policy.

What skills do you think you have learnt as a result of your studies at the University?

I have learnt to communicate effectively, manage time, tolerate and respect others and to treat everyone as an individual. It pays off to attend all lectures and workshops.

Why would you recommend the University of Bedfordshire?

Friendly atmosphere, a wide range of courses, supportive staff and a great place to meet people from different places. Also, your employability opportunities are very high.

Any other comments?

I would like to see more mature students taking up this opportunity for studying at University to achieve and fulfil postponed goals. Age is not a limiting factor in studying.


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