A selection of clips from our BA Hons Media Performance for Film TV & Theatre Special Projects. These are edited versions of the full length films, which you can find from the students links. All content has been created or adapted from inspirational material, in approaching the brief to “Make a Change”, about a current social and/or political issue. All content was shot independently on an iPhone, Android device or a camera by the individual in the film, which they then edited themselves. They have taken on the role of script writer, director, performer, camera person and editor.

Digital Bodies – Jack Martin, Weronika Jakubowska, Andrei – Nichita Teodorescu
5 Days of Sun – Bruno Rebelo
The steps of becoming a teenage lesbian – Olivia Morton- West
The Hair Interview – Alexandra Chase
Body Dysmorphia – Paige Joyce
A Mother’s Love – Laetitia Destin

Ways of Seeing (2019)

“As John Berger put it, we are visual animals who see before we learn to read and, even as adults, get our most basic orientation in the world with our eyes, which makes images extraordinarily powerful.”

Year 3 Performing Arts students studying Innovations with Amalia Garcia performed the final stop of their journey exploring theatrical images/metaphors around perception. "No one sees what you see even if they see it too”

A Red Wine Scenario

Stories, thoughts, musings and a song. A new original film created for the Staging New Writing unit.

Credits: Megan Evans, Chloe Humphrys, Rianne Khinda, Niamh McDowall, Rae Mortimer, Niamh Ray, Caitlin Russell, Rosie Whitehouse.

With thanks to Jamie Spirito and Jonathan Tompkins.

Written, Music & Edit Richard Mann

MA Screen Performance and Communication Techniques

Here is a taste of our students' work. All content is produced, directed, performed, edited and managed by the Master students of the MA Screen Performance and Communication Techniques course. The filming and editing has been done through using Zoom, mobile phones and laptops. They have now created their own production company called ' HomeRun Media' and an online platform to showcase their work, entitled "Zooming In''.

[the adopted role]

A short film created and inspired by my experience of the lockdown during covid19 as well as the participants that were interviewed.

Credits: Carina Beatrix in collaboration with Lee House
With thanks to Mike Carter and all the interviewees

University Dance Company in Rehearsal

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