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Moot Court

Our Moot Court was opened in October 2009 after extensive refurbishment work and the installation of state-of-the-art electronic equipment.

Now reserved exclusively for use by the School of Law the room routinely hosts lectures and workshops, with participants benefiting from:

  • video projection and sound facilities fed from the installed computer and DVD player or from participants' laptops and displayed on a 90" electronic screen,
  • video-conferencing equipment allowing any event to be transmitted and viewed in any similarly-equipped room,
  • voice enhancement for speakers from invisible ceiling speakers, and
  • a breakout interactive whiteboard for smaller presentations.

However the room is at its most impressive when used as a Moot Court. A moot is a legal debate, the formal presentation by two teams of students before judges of the opposing arguments on a particular point of law.

For these purposes the room is equipped in a similar manner to a real-life court – with a podium and seating for up to three judges, and lecterns and seating for opposing counsel.

Digital video recording of moots is possible, with the ability to select any one of five views of the court and with playback through the projection system. Wireless gated microphones are available for judges and counsel.

Recordings can be made either to DVD or to hard drive and may later be made available over the University's internal network.

Lectures, seminars and the annual Mooting competition are held in the Moot Court.

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