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Dr Faisal Tariq

Lecturer in Electronic Engineering

Faisal-profile-picFaisal Tariq received his PhD in 2013 from The Open University, UK. He has several years of teaching and research experience in the area of electronics and telecommunications. His research interest includes Wireless Communications, Heterogeneous Networks, Green Communications, Radio Resource Management and Smart Grid Communications.


  • PhD from The Open University, UK
  • MSc in Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Teaching expertise

  • Wireless Communications and Networks

Research opportunities

I am currently looking for a highly motivated student for research in the following areas:

  • Resource Management for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  • Cognitive Networks
  • Green Communications
  • Smart Grid Communications


  • Faisal Tariq, LS Dooley (2013)Smart Grid Communication and Networking Technologies: Recent Developments and Future Challenges” In: Ali, ABM Shawkat eds. Smart Grid: Opportunities, Developments and Trends. ISBN: 978-1-4471-5209-5. London: Springer. pp. 199-214, July, 2013.
  • Faisal Tariq, LS Dooley, AS Poulton (2013) “Interference Aware Virtual Clustering Paradigm for Resource Management in Cognitive Femtocell Networks” Elsevier Computers & Electrical Engineering Journal., May, 2013.
  • Faisal Tariq, LS Dooley (2012)Cognitive Femtocell Networks” In: Grace, David and Zhang, Honggang eds. Cognitive Communications: Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI), Regulatory Policy and Economics, Implementation. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, pp. 359–394.

Conference papers

  • Faisal Tariq, LS Dooley, AS Poulton (2013) ‘Analysis of Coverage Range Expansion in Closed Access Cognitive Femtocell Networks’ IEEE Wireless Personal Multimedia Conference (WPMC),New Jersey, USA, June, 2013.(Best Paper Award)
  • Faisal Tariq, LS Dooley, AS Poulton (2011) ‘Virtual Clustering for Resource Management in Femtocell Networks’ In the proceeding of IEEE ICUMT, Budapest, Hungary, 5-7th October 2011.
  • Faisal Tariq, LS Dooley, AS Poulton, Y Ji (2011) ‘Dynamic Fractional Frequency Reuse Based Hybrid Resource Management for Femtocell Networks’ in proc. of IEEE IWCMC, Istanbul, Turkey, July, 2011.
  • SS Das, Faisal Tariq, MI Rahman, FB Frederiksen, E De Carvalho, R Prasad (2007)Impact of Nonlinear Power Amplifier on Link Adaptation Algorithm of OFDM Systems’ IEEE VTC 2007 (Fall), Baltimore, USA.

Contact details

T: +44 (0)1234 400 400


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