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Dr Shaobo Zhou

Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Science/Course coordinator

Shaobo Zhou

As a qualified MD and nutritionist, I passionately generate, assess and deliver scientific evidence-based food and nutritional teaching and advice in a variety of settings to improve health and wellbeing. In addition, I aim to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle; important in current busy life style. In order to resolve our global nutrition and food challenges and problems, our BSc Food and Nutrition Science course has been designed to meet these requirements.

The course units that I teach and my research are deeply related. I have a keen interest in nutrition and functional food, which is important in improving human health. I have gained huge experience in teaching and research, have experience of working in National Institute of Nutrition, Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, University of Manchester, King’s College London, and Aberystwyth University before I joined the School of Life Sciences, University of Bedfordshire in 2008. I have done ground breaking research and published widely in this area. My research has been awarded by Chinese Government and Human Proteomics Organisation etc.

I enjoy teaching with a creative and innovative approach, with nominations on: Commitment award, Customer service award, and Governor’s recognition awards since my joining at the University of Bedfordshire. My course units include seminars with invited experts from the food industry and study visits to organisations such as the Institute of Food Science Technology, Yakult UK Ltd, Unilever, Association for Nutrition, and British Specialist Nutrition Association.

Other references


  • PhD Nutrition – Harbin Medical University
  • Master of Medicine – Harbin Medical University
  • MD – Harbin Medical University
  • Registered dietitian, Chinese Nutrition Society
  • Fellow of High Education Academy, UK 

Teaching expertise

  • Course coordinator for BSc Food and Nutrition and BSc Bioscience
  • Unit coordinator: Human Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Skills for Food and Nutrition, Cellular Pathology. Food and Nutrition Research Project; Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy (MSc)

Research interests

  • Zinc and health, e.g. zinc biomarker, and its effect on diabetes
  • Food and nutrition, e.g. on sarcopenia, obesity, diabetes, neurological disorders and cancer
  • Healthy food development

External roles


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