Block delivery


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What is block delivery?

Block delivery is a new and convenient way to study that you fit around your life.

All the postgraduate courses with the University of Bedfordshire Business School (UBBS) and some courses within our School of Computing, Science and Technology benefit from our block delivery programme.

You can choose to study full time, part time or just a single unit, to fit with your work life or individual needs.

What is block delivery?

Structure of each unit

Our students requested the possibility of studying fewer units in any one time period. This model provides study for only one subject at a time. This enables you to focus on that topic and to study it in depth.

Active learning rather than standard lectures style

The learning approach will allow for applied practice and peer network development with work placements, internships and live projects integrated into your course.

Peer network development

In UBBS each unit takes place over six weeks in two, three-week sections

In the first week of each of the two sections, you will undertake two and a half days face-to-face contact time. This enables you to engage with a considerable amount of learning material with the tutor.

After this, there is more contact, which varies from unit to unit as well as other work undertaken using online resources.

You will be involved in both individual and group work, all designed using evidence-based approaches to improve your experience and quality of work. During this time you will also have access to our new Luton campus library which provides 24/7 access to learning resources to help support your study.


6 points

There are 6 intakes on these courses each year. Miss a start date and you simply start at the next intake instead, which is just six weeks later.

Start your intake in:

  • January
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  • June
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