Process Improvement for Pledge Chairs

Pledge Chairs, a company with over 40 years' experience for manufacturing designed office chairs for many different countries, worked with the University of Bedfordshire to integrate separate systems for improved efficiency and cost reduction.

Process management becomes increasingly important as a company grows and operates in ever-competitive markets. The need to enhance production line efficiency without increasing costs is at the top of the wishlist for most businesses.

By inserting dynamic automated communication tools, resources can be allocated in the most efficient manner, taking into account the variations inherently involved when manufacturing chairs to different designs and specifications. Regular automated data analysis also helps provide feedback on how production is being conducted, and it gives critical control over costs.

Instead of replacing the entire system and causing significant disruption to the business, Professor Hong Qing Yu, suggested adapting the existing system to use private cloud computing as the underlying architecture, and to use an internal intranet based web system as the interface. This would give Pledge Chairs the benefit of automatic data backups, easy maintenance and accessibility, and much better integrated communication between various systems.

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