Helping diabetes patients monitor their condition

Globally, over 400 million adults have some form of diabetes, every three minutes, somebody in the UK is diagnosed with diabetes.

Jupiter Ace

To help manage their condition, diabetes patients need to regularly monitor blood sugar (glucose) levels. Traditional methods involve taking a blood sample and directly analysing the blood. Jupiter Ace, a Luton based biotech SME, is working directly with expert academics from the University of Bedfordshire to develop a non-invasive means of deriving blood sugar levels.

This allow diabetes patients a quick easy method to safely monitor their glucose levels, minimising concerns around hygiene, infection, and provide data that could inform healthier lifestyle choices.

Dr Shyqyri Haxha, an expert in nanosensor and biosensor technology, is working to develop a wearable that will provide continuous real-time monitoring of glucose levels. By studying how infrared light interacts with glucose concentration levels in the blood, he has developed a a non-invasive, cost effective working prototype.

Jupiter Ace will be working further with the University to secure funding for further research and development of the device.

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