Sitting is the new cancer

Forecasted to be worth $34 billion by 2020, the wearables market is currently one of the fastest growing tech segments.

Fitness Tracker

Though most health-orientated wearables have similar features (activity tracking, heart rate monitoring), MvBii, a Cambridge-based SME, wanted to investigate what opportunities could be found the corporate wellness market.

Despite widespread fitness campaigns, prevalence of low-cost 24 hour gyms, and government policies towards healthy living, close to 70% of UK adults fail to meet recommended activity guidelines.

With the largely sedentary nature of office-based work, the University of Bedfordshire worked with MvBii to identify a niche within the corporate wellness sector. Using existing MvBii devices combined with bespoke software, the new opportunity will help employees boost their physical activity levels within the office.

The University carried out specialised research around physical inactivity, workplace productivity, changing employee behaviour, and smarter health prompts. MvBii will work closely with the University to implement the findings of the research into a complete corporate wellness system.

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