Tackling drink-spiking and sexual assault

Every year in the UK, thousands of people are victims of sexual abuse. In many of these cases, ‘date rape’ drugs have been used before sexual assault.

Check Your Drink

After hearing about several cases where both men and women had been taken advantage of after having their drinks tampered with, Katie Burrington set up Check Your Drink Limited to help keep people safe when leaving their drink.

Check Your Drink Limited offers special strips that can be used to test for GHB and Ketamine, two of the most widely used drink-spiking drugs. The strips have two testing patches which can be dabbed with alcohol from their drink. The patches will turn either red or blue immediately if drugs are detected.

Check Your Drink wanted to expand their strip to test for wider range of drugs including Rohypnol and BenzoDiazepine. They approached the University of Bedfordshire through the Innovation Bridge programme to see if an integrated solution could be developed.

Dr Robin Maytum, an experienced biochemist and senior lecturer in Biological Science, lead the project, looking at chemical testing, safety, quality assurance, and competitor products.

The final report laid out the core technological challenges and provided an action plan to help bring the product to fruition.

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