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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

What it is...

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) supports the partnership between an organisation, an academic and a graduate on a strategically important project. This could be to develop a new product, improve efficiency, or establish a competitive advantage. The KTP is jointly funded by government and by the organisation on a 2/3 : 1/3 basis for SMEs.

A KTP is designed to...

  • improve an organisation’s competitiveness and productivity through skills development, technological breakthroughs, and knowledge transfer
  • identify innovative solutions to help that business grow and aid in the development of new and pioneering technologies
  • increase profits by boosting sales, improving product quality, or entering new markets

How it works

The associate is a recent graduate (undergraduate, MSc level or PhD) from any University in the UK, who spends 90% of their time placed at the company’s discretion. The associate works full time on the project, supported by the University academic, and under the supervision of a named project lead at the company.


A KTP is a one to three year programme.


  • Fill skills and knowledge gaps
  • Access expertise and consultants to lead on new projects
  • Grow the business – improve competitiveness, profitability and/or productivity
  • Potentially create new jobs

More Information

More information on KTPs at GOV.UK - Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

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