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Time 2 Grow

Time2Grow is a multi-million pound EU funded programme designed to help businesses solve some of their most challenging problems by accessing a skilled graduate workforce.

These Knowledge Exchange Secondments enable SMEs to tap into an inquisitive, driven graduate talent pool that is keen to deliver a positive impact on their engagements. These secondments will be part funded, helping your business to penetrate new markets, deliver new products, or find new efficiency improvements.

Why graduates?

University graduates come with a range of skills and benefits that can help your business reach that next level. Graduates, fresh in to the workforce, are keen to prove themselves and to progress. They will want to make sure they are delivering above and beyond expectations.

Graduates bring a solid set of skills that they have honed over their studies. Many graduates are digitally literate and bring a natural fluency with a rapidly changing landscape, making them comfortable with technology and multi-tasking. This adaptability and inquisitiveness help make graduates ideal for tackling unfamiliar problems.

Many graduates bring an enthusiastic attitude and are looking to challenge themselves professionally, giving enterprises the edge they need to compete effectively.

How does this work?

Each secondment is for one graduate and will last up to 10 weeks (at 28 hours per week). The University will employ the graduates, covering payroll and National Insurance etc. The University will invoice your business for a 40% contribution. The University will advertise and shortlist the applicants ready for you to select for interview.


Visit, email or call us on 0800 328 5334 for more information and to apply.

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