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SME Leaders Circle

The Leaders Circle™University of Bedfordshire Business School

SME Founders-Owners Leaders Circle Innovation Boardroom

The University of Bedfordshire Innovation & Enterprise Leaders Circle is the first peer advisory group service run by a university in UK/Europe focused exclusively on Founder/Owners of innovation driven SMEs.

Business Leaders Circle - circular boardroom table

I&E leaders circles create conditions necessary to support Founder/Owner business risk-taking, innovation and problem solving to grow.

We recognise that Founder/Owners businesses differ significantly from successor-career CEO/MD business in valuation, investment, behaviour and performance. This is why there is a considerable difference between how a ‘leaders circle’ and a traditional ‘peer' or 'Mastermind' group is structured, organised, and who becomes a member.

Member Selection Criteria

  • Founder/Owner
  • Innovation Driven
  • Leadership Role
  • Ownership Structure
  • Trading Status
  • Financial Health
  • Number of Employees
  • Company/Role Lifecycle Stage
  • Strategic Growth Agenda
  • Aspirations and Ambitions
  • Intentions for Business
  • Accept Challenge and Feedback
  • Knowledge of Growing Business
  • Personal Accountability

Leaders Circle Elements - Support Risk, Produce and Grow

I&E Leaders Circle helps SME Founder/Owners to operate a successful competitive business, grow, take risks, solve/accelerate through typical enterprise stage lifecycle problems (management), respond to customer needs and deliver goods/services to market (produce), respond to opportunities (innovation), respond to market trends (marketing), generate cash flow (sales) and support role needs/ development (leadership).

Leaders Circles follow a structured Board like agenda with tailored support and flexible content formats driven by group members. Key elements of a leaders circle include: peer group learning, year-to-year format, fundamental business lifecycle topics, sharing best practice, problem solving, building role capacity, improving performance/productivity, intelligence, 'Fast Track' options, targeted input from key industry/business leaders and measured ROI/Value.

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