Innovation can be the key differentiator between you and your competitors. It can open up new opportunities and lead you to become a market leader instead of a follower.

Where can you find globally networked experts using world class facilities that are willing to help your organisation? Right here at the University of Bedfordshire!

Different organisations require different kinds of support. Whether you need strategic input into your business, or support with developing products, processes and services, the University of Bedfordshire can cater to your needs.

Whatever stage your business is at, from startup entrepreneur to well-established corporation, whether privately owned, public or non-profit, we are able to help you.  We have a number of funded projects designed to help businesses solve some of their most pressing problems including:

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You can find out more about our projects below.

If none of these projects are suitable for you, please register here and one of our business partnership teams will be in touch.


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