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Current Projects

  • Learning from the experts: young people’s perspectives on how we can support healthy child development after sexual abuse. This is a participatory action research project focusing on supporting mental health and wellbeing after sexual abuse in adolescence.
  • Our Voices: supporting young people's participation in preventing sexual violence across Europe
  • The Alexi Project evaluation of service delivery within a knowledge exchange approach
  • UNESCO Network: Working with international partners to prevent sexual violence against children
  • The RISE Learning Network: aims to promote and facilitate learning on recovery and reintegration (R&R) approaches that improve outcomes for children and adolescents affected by child sexual exploitation (CSE).
  • Life Skills, Leadership and Limitless Potential: Supporting children and young people affected by sexual violence in Europe by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice.
  • Contextual Safeguarding Programme: Developing contextual responses to the abuse and exploitation of young people
  • Policing Models and CSE: research on models of policing in child sexual exploitation (CSE), and how they may contribute to improved detection, disruption and prosecution outcomes.
  • Policy: Guidance and Definitions. The International Centre has been commissioned to develop practice guidance and support the development of policy definitions of CSE.
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Current Projects