At the University of Bedfordshire, we are proud of our diverse student body. We have a long history of welcoming students from over 130 countries. At Bedfordshire you are not just part of a classroom, but a community which can take full advantage of all that studying in the UK has to offer. Why not come and see for yourself and gain more than a degree at Bedfordshire.

Undergraduate entry requirements

3 year Senior Secondary School in China with Certificate of Completion (60%)

Foundation course/pathway in the UK (40%)

First year of 4 year Bachelor’s Degree from Chinese University with complete 1 year transcript (60%)

GCE Advanced Level (2 A Levels) (Grade D and above)

Additional course requirements if any

Postgraduate entry requirements

Chinese 3‐year Diploma ( Dazhuan ) in related subject with minimum 2 years relevant work experience (70%)

4 -year Bachelor’s Degree from Chinese University with complete transcript and Bachelor’s degree Certificate (60%)

3 years Bachelor’s degree with Honours from a UK University (minimum Third Class Honours Degree)

Pre-Masters from a UK University (Pass)
Postgraduate Certificate from UK University (Pass)
Postgraduate Diploma from a UK University (Pass)

Additional course requirements if any

You can find our general entry requirements on our International entry requirements page. For language requirements, visit our English language requirements page.

Fees & Scholarships

The University of Bedfordshire has a number of generous scholarships available to international students. For the latest information, visit our Fees & Scholarships page.

Alternatively if you have any questions around fees and funding, please email

I came to University of Bedfordshire to study International Business,because I was particularly attracted by the arrangement of postgraduate courses and it can give you overall of business. Take international business as an example,There are 4 core units divided into 8 small courses. It is a challenging for us to complete a course every 6 weeks, but you only need to spend all you time to complete one course in 6 weeks it is really good for us. My favorite part of the course it’s Intercultural Business Competencies which help you understand and compare the impact of international culture on the business environment in detail. Our brand new library is quite big and full of a lot latest electronic equipment, it can fully meet you learning requirements. Also, it has a Study Hub on the second floor, there are dedicated staff to help you with any essay. I think the library give us new best environment to study. Additionally, the university offers most of the international students a lot of support such as when they have any question, they can go to SID to solve most of problem. During my postgraduate learning period,I lived in student village it is absolutely nearest accommodation to school just opposite the campus which is super convenient. Luton is a small town but its quite close to London, only 23 minutes to London city center and the town including everything especially the big shopping mall, and university it’s in the central place of the town. At the end, I share my own experience with you, hope you can feel the different environment in Luton!