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International Incorporated Bachelor's

Your four-year degree from the University of Bedfordshire

The International Incorporated Bachelor’s (IIB) offers a four-year degree option at the University of Bedfordshire in a range of popular subjects.

International Year Zero

International Year Zero (IYZ) is the first stage of a four-year IIB degree. IYZ is designed to help you gain extra skills in your subject area, as well as English Language, before you continue to year one of your chosen University of Bedfordshire undergraduate degree course.

The duration of the course is three 10-week terms of teaching plus two days of final assessments. Each unit is studied in a single term or across two terms. To pass the course you need to pass all of the above units. To pass the course you must submit all assignments but you only need to gain 100 credits (120 credits possible in total).  Delivery is in small classes with an emphasis on participation in a lively learning environment. Tutors support your progress through detailed feedback on exercises you complete during each unit.  You can expect to study for 20 hours a week in class and a similar number of hours working independently outside class time. The tutors delivering this course are highly qualified, experienced and sympathetic to the needs of international students.


Studied across three terms, you will continue straight onto Year One of your degree programme once you have successfully completed your IYZ.

Continuing your degree at the university

You will choose your degree before you start your IIB. Once you have successfully completed your International Year Zero, you will continue directly onto the first year of that degree.

How your course will be assessed  

In each unit there are two key learning outcomes. To demonstrate achievement of these you submit an average of two assessments per unit which contribute towards your final mark for that unit.

IYZ continues to degrees in:

  • Business and Social Sciences
  • Computer Design and Technology
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