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Go UK Cultural Exchange Programme


Cultural Exchange Programme

Discover England, build your network, gain new skills and develop your English

As part of the University of Bedfordshire's groundbreaking Go Global programme, we also offer international students the opportunity to visit the UK and get a taste of life at our modern and prestigious university close to London.

Our bespoke cultural exchange programmes typically include:

  • Accommodation, breakfast and lunch on week days, Airport transfers
  • Fully Organised trips to London, Oxford/Bicester Village, Cambridge, Stratford-upon-Avon and more
  • Lectures on English culture and cross-cultural communication
  • Lectures and Workshops on specialised subjects: Business, Management, Finance, Health, Advertising, Media, Performance, Art & Design, Electronic Engineering, and more
  • English Language classes and IELTS preparation
  • Free time for you to spend as you wish

The slideshow below contains photos taken during the last three cultural exchange programmes (July to September 2016) with Anhui Medical University (AMU), Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce, and Foundation University Islamabad (Pakistan).

Below you can view the final cuts of the performances Lixin students put together during their time here at Bedfordshire.

The University of Bedfordshire runs a successful Go UK Programme of Summer and Winter Schools. The programme consists of a mixture of education, culture and sight seeing, with various bespoke programmes to suit individual study needs.

See what some our previous visitors from Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance have said about the programme.

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