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New International Alumni Scholarship

Our next UG to PG Event for final year International students is on Wednesday 21st November 2018, 1pm - 4pm, on the ground floor of the Postgraduate Centre.

Speak with academics, admissions and visa advice staff, learn more about the Postgraduate courses we offer, and find out about the alumni scholarships we are offering.

What are the benefits of a Master's Degree?

  • You can gain specialist skills and knowledge by continuing with your subject at Master’s level
  • You can take a Master’s in a different subject and widen your knowledge and career prospects
  • With a Master’s qualification, you may be able to gain access to advanced stages of your chosen career and earn a higher salary after graduation
  • You may be able to access jobs not open to graduates with just a Bachelor’s degree

To make a progression application, complete this form - PDF 66.9 KB and bring it to the International Office, or email it to your admissions team (details below).

  • Indian applicants:
  • Applicants from Africa, Russia, Central Asia, Turkey, or Sri Lanka:
  • Applicants from Bangladesh, the Middle East, Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal or Thailand:
  • Applicants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, the Americas, the Caribbean or if your country of origin is not listed elsewhere:

View the full list of Postgraduate courses on offer

We also offer the following Postgraduate courses with placements (22 months duration). Please enquire with the International Office if you would like to apply for a course with placement.

  • MBA with placement
  • MSc International Business with placement
  • MSc Computer Science with placement
  • MSc Electronic Engineering with placement
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