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Karna Rana (Nepal)

MA Education (Graduated 5 Nov 2010)

Karna Rana

What have you achieved since you graduated from the University of Bedfordshire?

I worked until 2014 to earn the funds needed to go on to further study. I received an offer for a PhD in my field which I mastered at the University of Bedfordshire, at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Two and a half months after my second daughter was born, I left for my PhD in New Zealand. She just started her pre-school in Nepal this week but I am still in New Zealand celebrating the completion of my PhD after my graduation ceremony which was on 18th April 2018. My target to complete my PhD within three years has been successful. The skills that I learned from my Master’s from the University of Bedfordshire have proved to be remarkable. My thesis entitled “ICT in Rural Primary Schools in Nepal: Context and Teachers’ Experiences” can be downloaded from the University of Canterbury repository which is open to all.

What is your current role?

I am currently seeking opportunities within my field. I have been working as a Manager’s assistant in the International Short Course department in the College of Education, Health and Human Development at the University of Canterbury.

How has your time at the University of Bedfordshire helped you to achieve your goals?

The academic writing skills which I learned from my MA courses from the University of Bedfordshire helped me to explore journal articles, books and other archive documents, to review those publications, to develop a research proposal, to interview people, to transcribe records, to code a wide range of data, and to analyse the data systematically. I was able to work in my research project independently in absence of my supervisors, understand their comments on my writing, and shape my writing into a thesis at the end.

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment, I have been writing journal articles and book chapters. I am finalising one of the articles with the comments of reviewers. One is under review. One of the significant parts of my thesis as an article is with my supervisor to finalise it, and I will submit to a potential international journal soon. I have also signed on to complete a book chapter within a month so I am engaged with that currently.

What is your advice to other international students?

The University of Bedfordshire is the right choice for learning research skills which they can apply in their independent research activities. When I started to write my PhD proposal and gradually, my thesis draft, I realised I have learned important skills from my Master’s at Bedfordshire. I would advise you to be committed to the course you want to study and be consistent with your time.

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