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Bedfordshire students perform crime scene investigation

Simulated crime scene

Thu 29th November, 2018

Forensic Science students from the University of Bedfordshire took part in a simulated crime scene investigation at the Putteridge Bury campus.

The event, organised by the University’s School of Life Sciences, saw over 40 students don full personal protective equipment and examine the crime scene, which involved the discovery of skeletonised remains, following the disturbance of a suspect while he was trying to ‘move’ the body.

Wearing full white crime scene suits, hairnets, facemasks, gloves and booties, they began slowly and methodically combing the meadow of the estate from end-to-end, guided by flashlights and shouting whenever potential evidence was discovered.

Equipped with scene briefcases, the students then moved to a floodlight gazebo, where they began processing the allocated ‘burial’ site.

Scene logs were used to record the movement of all personnel in and out of the scene, yellow evidence placards to mark possible evidence and tamper evidence packaging to recover any identified evidence, with the crime scene also extensively photo-documented.

Forensic Science Course Coordinator Dr Vicki Barlow, who oversaw the night’s activities said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity to promote student engagement with the course, while providing a highly distinctive and near-authentic learning environment.

“A scene of this scale offers students a new insight into the difficulties faced by forensic professionals when searching such a large area in the dark. This exercise, supplemented by extensive classroom learning and supervised by staff, helps to prepare students for the reality and psychological challenges they may face in the field of criminal forensics.”

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