Bhishak Bremanand

Bhishak Bremanand

Bhishak Bremanand graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in July 2019 with a BSc in Biomedical Science with Honours. After applying through Clearing at the last minute in 2016, Bhishak’s journey at the University began.

“I commuted from London,” said Bhishak. “I felt I had to learn to adapt to university life as well as commuting.

“At the start, I found commuting and studying challenging, but within weeks I found it much easier and my supervisor supported me well with meeting deadlines and getting into the university lifestyle.”

Bhishak, who worked in a care home for 36 hours a week while studying, advises students who are looking to commute: “I would recommend students to pre-plan their journey route and times.

“This means you will avoid any issues like being late for lectures or important meetings. Missing lectures and meetings could affect your studies.

“Even if you come early for your lectures, the library is available so you can either rest or prepare for the next lecture.”

Reflecting upon his time at Bedfordshire, he said: “It was a really nice experience coming to University of Bedfordshire. I felt the whole environment was built to support students. I met a lot of people supported me academically and non-academically.

“Even though you must adapt to become self-independent, there is always someone to put you in the right direction. When I graduated, I was emotional leaving the University but I am always part of the community.”


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