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FIFA World Cup 2018 - find an expert

World Cup

Are you looking for an expert to comment on matters relating to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia?

See our list of academics who are happy to speak to the media and offer comment on their area of expertise.

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AcademicRoleArea of expertise
David PearsSenior Lecturer in Sport Science and CoachingExpert on football coach behaviour and decision making, coach training, identifying and developing talent in football. Current research interests include the training of coaches and in particular of coaches (male and female) working with female players.
Danny GoldingSenior Lecturer in Psychology Research
Expert on resilience, mental toughness, decision making under duress and coping with stress in sporting environments. Current work includes research on how elite teams can improve mentaltoughness as well as coping in extreme situations such as endurance races and Arctic expeditions.
Dr Jeff Aldous

Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Jeff has a comprehensive understanding on the impact of heat and altitude on a football player’s physical performance and physiological responses. Research focuses on improving athletic performance by nutritional and environmental (i.e. cooling manoeuvres) ergogenic aids with particular focus on team sports and thermoregulation.
Dr Julia Zakrzewski-FruerLecturer in Health, Nutrition and Exercise
Expert on nutrition, exercise and physical activity, which can be applied to footballers. Julia’s experience includes exercise metabolism and physiology, as well as energy balance and insulin sensitivity. Her recent research projects focused on breakfast consumption and its impact on physical activity and appetite, in particular in children and adolescents.
Dr Stephen KozubPrincipal Lecturer in Psychology Research MethodsExpert on group dynamics in sport teams. Research centres on team cohesion, coach and player leadership and collective efficacy.
Dr Helen IvesSenior Lecturer in Sport and ExerciseExpert on physical education and school sport, sport development and competition (including football), and sport pedagogy. Her work and research interest has been focused on improving the quality and quantity of physical education and school sport; in particular how sport policy and the range of initiatives born out of such policies are realised in youth sport.
Bedfordshire University

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