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PAL Awards

Around Easter time each year we celebrate the achievements of our PAL Leaders at the University PAL Leader Awards. Hosted by the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), the afternoon is an opportunity for staff and students to reflect upon the year, what we have achieved as a PAL team and where we will be going in the future with PAL.

PAL Leaders and first year students take to the stage to share their stories, their experiences and their successes with the wider University community. Staff from across the University come along and hear first hand accounts of what PAL has done in terms of enhancing the student experience and developing student communities within the University.

We also invite all new PAL Leaders to come along, as well as any students who are interested in joining the team.

All PAL Leaders are presented with a PAL Leader University Certificate and are invited to stay for the awards reception where PAL Leaders, staff and students can mingle and chat over a cup of coffee and a cake.

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PAL Awards