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There is a long history of peer-assisted learning initiatives within the University of Bedfordshire. In 2011 the University first introduced our PAL scheme which over the next 3 years grew into a fundamental part of students’ University experience.

The PAL team is made up a number of key players who ensure that PAL keeps moving and growing.

ACCs are unit/course tutors who work locally at a unit/course level to provide the weekly/regularly support and contact and materials that all of our PAL Leaders get.

Of course, the most important members of the team are the PAL Leaders. These 2nd and 3rd year students are the bedrock of our PAL scheme. They are the ones who facilitate weekly PAL sessions with their 1st year students to help them settle in, get acquainted with the University, and start their degree studies in a positive way.

Other University staff make huge contributions to PAL in terms of support. Various staff from the Study Hub Team, Careers and other teams deliver the PAL Leader CPD programme.

In addition, there are several Senior PAL Leader Interns, who liaise between PAL Leaders, ACCs and PAL administration to ensure smooth operation and communication, and who lead on promoting the PAL programme, recruitment and training. Once you've had a year's experience of being a PAL Leader, you'll have the opportunity to apply for one of these paid positions.

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PAL Backstage