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Vauxhall Centre for the Study of Crime

Directors: Dr Tim Bateman and Professor John Pitts

The work of the centre spans empirical studies of youth crime and victimisation, policing, the operation of the youth justice and community safety services and the analysis of policy and practice in these fields. More recently its work has concerned the involvement of young people in gangs and organised crime and the resettlement of young people from care involved in the youth justice system. From its inception the centre has maintained an international focus, having undertaken studies with universities and criminal justice and welfare agencies in

  • Belgium
  • China
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • The Russian Federation
  • The USA

Current Research Activities

For the past five years Dr. Bateman, Dr. Factor and Professor Pitts have been involved in the National Lottery funded Beyond Youth Custody programme managed by Nacro, where they have produced a series of research-based publications. Between 2016 and 2018 Prof Pitts undertook a study of the effects of County (drug) lines on youth crime in a target destination in East Anglia. The Centre has recently won a Nuffield Foundation award to research the relationship between being or having been in Care and incarceration in the Youth Justice System, led by Dr. Bateman assisted by Professor Pitts.  Professor Pitts is currently research consultant to the English Premier league Ending the Cycle of Violence programme.

The Vauxhall Centre Journal

The Vauxhall Centre launched what became Safer Communities with Pavilion Publishing in 2002. Dr Tim Bateman is currently joint editor. Now published quarterly by Emerald Group Publishing, it combines research findings with the needs and 'know how' of professionals and practitioners in the growing field of community safety.

The editors are supported by a group of associate editors and a larger advisory board, comprising researchers, policy makers and practitioners from all areas of community safety.



Associates of the Vauxhall Centre are members of the Institute for Applied Social Research and other, visiting, scholars and practitioners with whom we collaborate in our research and scholarship.

Vauxhall Centre Publications

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