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Dorcas Adeoye

PhD Student

Dorcas Adeoye

Course Start: 10 March, 2014
Supervisors: Dr Hala Evans and Dr Yannis Pappas

Thesis Title

The role of disclosure among employed people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria: a Qualitative Research.


The role of HIV disclosure among employed people living with HIV/AIDS has been a public health concern; it has also been attributed to effective way of limiting the spread of the disease. However, among working people living with HIV, it is a great issue that attracts several consequences, it is also a way of managing HIV and balancing their emotional, physical and social aspect of life.

The economic, social and political aspect has been affected since the emergent of HIV. It is also not a medical problem that only needs a medical approach; it is a psychological problem that needs not to be ignored. A phenomenological study was conducted among employed people that are infected with HIV/AIDS in a south-eastern region of Nigeria where unemployment rate is high. A one-to-one semi-structured interview was used to gather in-depth information about the experience of 20 employed people living with HIV. Participants were recruited in a hospital and for some, hospital serves as their workplace.

The outcome of the research shows that participants’ experiences vary. One thing that stood out and was found similar among all participants including participants that have disclosed, planning to disclose, or never intended to disclose, is that workplace is a place not to be trusted despite the positive outcomes disclosure could give in the workplace, and disclosure decision needs to be carefully taken.

The study was concluded with recommendations that cover various aspects; however, clearer policies should be followed by all organisations to protect people living with HIV in the workplace.

Research Question

  • What is the role of disclosure among employed people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria?


  • Adeoye D, Evans H, Hewson D, Pappas Y. (2016 ). Factors influencing HIV Disclosure among People living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria: a systematic review using narrative synthesis and meta-analysis. Public Health. 2016 Jul;136:13-28. doi: 10.1016/j.puhe.2016.02.021. Epub 2016 Apr 5.

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E: dorcas.adeoye@study.beds.ac.uk
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