Recently Awarded Research Students

April 2016

Idris Musawa, Doctor of Philosophy (BMRI)
Thesis Title: Challenges Facing Government Revenue From The Nigerian Oil Industry: A System Dynamics Approach
Supervisory Team: Prof Michael Stephen Kennedy and Dr Syamarlah Rasaratnam

Mohammed Khaled, Master of Science by Research (IASR)
Thesis Title: The Effects Of Word Frequency, Text Case, And Contextual Predictability On Binocular Fixation During Reading
Supervisory Team: Prof Jim Barnes and Dr Melanie Pitchford

Emily Shephard, Doctor of Philosophy (INTOUR)
Thesis Title: Sport Events And Representational Capital: Investigating Industry Collaboration In Rugby World Cup 2015 Planning
Supervisory Team: Prof Keith Hollinshead and Dr Nazia Ali

Umar Shehu, Doctor of Philosophy (IRAC)
Thesis Title: Novel Optimization Schemes For Service Composition In The Cloud Using Learning Automata-Based Matrix Factorization
Supervisory Team: Dr Ghazanfar Safdar and Dr Gregory Epiphaniou

Sonal Godhania, Doctor of Philosophy (BMRI)
Thesis Title: Fast Fashion: The Dynamic Capabilities Underlying Project Management In The UK Fashion Industry SMES
Supervisory Team: Dr Usha Ramanathan and Prof Ram Ramanathan

Andrew Malcolm, Professional Doctorate (IASR)
Thesis Title: Alternative Provision as an Educational Option: Understanding the Experiences of Excluded Young People
Supervisory Team: Dr Isabelle Brodie and Prof Margaret Melrose

March 2016

Grigor Todorov, Master of Science by Research (IRAC)
Thesis Title: Evaluation Of Optimisation Techniques For Multiscopic Rendering
Supervisory Team: Prof Amar Aggoun and Dr Jim Wood

Helen Mahaffey, Professional Doctorate (IASR)
Thesis Title: Systemic Openings Creating Openings Of Theraputic Opportunity Through Systemic Practices In Communities
Supervisory Team: Prof Ravi Kholi and Dr Gail Simon

Ghadah Alfaqeeh, Doctor of Philosophy (IHR)
Thesis Title: Access And Utilisation Of Primary Health Care Services In Riyadh Province, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Supervisory Team: Prof Gurch Randhawa and Dr Nasreen Ali

Monika Pazio, Doctor of Philosophy (IRED)
Thesis Title
: Normalising Computer Assisted Language Learning In The Context Of Primary Education In England
Supervisory Team: Prof Marilyn Leask and Dr Andrea Raiker

Deena Ingham, Doctor of Philosophy (IASR)
Thesis Title:
What Is The Value Of A Degree? Graduates’ Perceptions Of Value Of Their Undergraduate Degrees
Supervisory Team: Prof David Barrett and Dr Lucie Shuker

February 2016

Amir Aryanpour, Doctor of Philosophy (IRAC)
Thesis Title:
An Interoperability Framework For Security Policy Languages
Supervisory Team: Dr Marc Conrad and Dr Tahmina Ajmal

Harold Kpojime, Doctor of Philosophy (IRAC)
Thesis Title: Interference Mitigation In Cognitive Femtocell Networks
Supervisory Team: Dr Ghazanfar Safdar and Dr Faisal Tariq

Laura Ferguson, Doctor of Philosophy (RIMAP)
Thesis Title:
Dr. Jekyll, His New Woman And The Late Victorian Identity Crisis
Supervisory Team: Dr Clare Walsh and Dr Michael Faherty

Nadezda Fadina, Doctor of Philosophy (RIMAP)
Thesis Title:
Fairytale Women: Gender Politics in Soviet And Post-Soviet Animated Adaptations of Russian National Fairytales.
Supervisory Team: Dr  Carlota Larrea and Prof Luke Hockley

January 2016

Jeffrey Aldous , Doctor of Philosophy (ISPAR)
Thesis Title:
Effects of Extreme Environments and Cooling Interventions on Soccer-Specific Performance
Supervisory Team: Dr Lee Taylor and Dr Bryna Chrismas

Mohammed-Ali Abunajela, Doctor of Philosophy (RIMAP)
Thesis Title:
Al-Jazeera (Arabic) Satellite Television: A Platform For The Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt
Supervisory Team: Prof Noha Mellor and Prof Ivor Gaber

Zahara Chaudhry, Doctor of Philosophy (IBEST)
Thesis Title:
The Involvement of Caspase Family in Parkinsons Disease: A Study of Neurotoxicity in Dopaminergic Cell
Supervisory Team: Dr Bushra Ahmed and Dr Adam Paige

Winifred Udende (BMRI)
Thesis Title:
Measuring Project Complexity And Determining Its Impact On Project Leadership Requirements
Supervisory Team: Dr David Owen and Dr Elly Philpott

Vasiliki Tzouvara, Doctor of Philosophy (IHR)
Thesis Title: Self-Stigma, Loneliness And Culture Among Older Adults With Mental Illness Residing In Nursing Homes: An Individualistic- Collectivistic Approach
Supervisory Team: Dr Chris Papadopoulos and Prof Gurch Randhawa

Kate Hudson, Professional Doctorate (IRED)
Thesis Title:
Can Student Teachers’ Pedagogy Be Enhanced By Heeding Children’s Thoughts About Their Learning?
Supervisory Team: Prof Janice Wearmouth and Prof Uvanney Maylor

Paul Andell, Professional Doctorate (IASR)
Thesis Title:
Thinking About Gangs
Supervisory Team: Prof John Pitts  and Prof Alan Marlow

Susan Thomas, Professional Doctorate (IASR)
Thesis Title:
Children First Offenders Second, an Aspiration or a Reality for Youth Justice in Wales
Supervisory Team: Dr Tim Bateman and Prof John Pitts

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