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How to apply for a research degree

For all the information you need on how to apply for a research degree and to make sure you fulfil the entry requirements visit our 'How to apply' page

You should have a good honours degree (2:1 or above) or masters degree or equivalent in the relevant subject area.

International applicants should be aware of our English language requirements

Recently Awarded Research Students

April 2016

Idris Musawa, Doctor of Philosophy (BMRI)
Thesis Title: Challenges Facing Government Revenue From The Nigerian Oil Industry: A System Dynamics Approach
Supervisory Team: Prof Michael Stephen Kennedy and Dr Syamarlah Rasaratnam

Mohammed Khaled, Master of Science by Research (IASR)
Thesis Title: The Effects Of Word Frequency, Text Case, And Contextual Predictability On Binocular Fixation During Reading
Supervisory Team: Prof Jim Barnes and Dr Melanie Pitchford

Emily Shephard, Doctor of Philosophy (INTOUR)
Thesis Title: Sport Events And Representational Capital: Investigating Industry Collaboration In Rugby World Cup 2015 Planning
Supervisory Team: Prof Keith Hollinshead and Dr Nazia Ali

Umar Shehu, Doctor of Philosophy (IRAC)
Thesis Title: Novel Optimization Schemes For Service Composition In The Cloud Using Learning Automata-Based Matrix Factorization
Supervisory Team: Dr Ghazanfar Safdar and Dr Gregory Epiphaniou

Sonal Godhania, Doctor of Philosophy (BMRI)
Thesis Title: Fast Fashion: The Dynamic Capabilities Underlying Project Management In The UK Fashion Industry SMES
Supervisory Team: Dr Usha Ramanathan and Prof Ram Ramanathan

Andrew Malcolm, Professional Doctorate (IASR)
Thesis Title: Alternative Provision as an Educational Option: Understanding the Experiences of Excluded Young People
Supervisory Team: Dr Isabelle Brodie and Prof Margaret Melrose

March 2016

Grigor Todorov, Master of Science by Research (IRAC)
Thesis Title: Evaluation Of Optimisation Techniques For Multiscopic Rendering
Supervisory Team: Prof Amar Aggoun and Dr Jim Wood

Helen Mahaffey, Professional Doctorate (IASR)
Thesis Title: Systemic Openings Creating Openings Of Theraputic Opportunity Through Systemic Practices In Communities
Supervisory Team: Prof Ravi Kholi and Dr Gail Simon

Ghadah Alfaqeeh, Doctor of Philosophy (IHR)
Thesis Title: Access And Utilisation Of Primary Health Care Services In Riyadh Province, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Supervisory Team: Prof Gurch Randhawa and Dr Nasreen Ali

Monika Pazio, Doctor of Philosophy (IRED)
Thesis Title
: Normalising Computer Assisted Language Learning In The Context Of Primary Education In England
Supervisory Team: Prof Marilyn Leask and Dr Andrea Raiker

Deena Ingham, Doctor of Philosophy (IASR)
Thesis Title:
What Is The Value Of A Degree? Graduates’ Perceptions Of Value Of Their Undergraduate Degrees
Supervisory Team: Prof David Barrett and Dr Lucie Shuker

February 2016

Amir Aryanpour, Doctor of Philosophy (IRAC)
Thesis Title:
An Interoperability Framework For Security Policy Languages
Supervisory Team: Dr Marc Conrad and Dr Tahmina Ajmal

Harold Kpojime, Doctor of Philosophy (IRAC)
Thesis Title: Interference Mitigation In Cognitive Femtocell Networks
Supervisory Team: Dr Ghazanfar Safdar and Dr Faisal Tariq

Laura Ferguson, Doctor of Philosophy (RIMAP)
Thesis Title:
Dr. Jekyll, His New Woman And The Late Victorian Identity Crisis
Supervisory Team: Dr Clare Walsh and Dr Michael Faherty

Nadezda Fadina, Doctor of Philosophy (RIMAP)
Thesis Title:
Fairytale Women: Gender Politics in Soviet And Post-Soviet Animated Adaptations of Russian National Fairytales.
Supervisory Team: Dr  Carlota Larrea and Prof Luke Hockley

January 2016

Jeffrey Aldous , Doctor of Philosophy (ISPAR)
Thesis Title:
Effects of Extreme Environments and Cooling Interventions on Soccer-Specific Performance
Supervisory Team: Dr Lee Taylor and Dr Bryna Chrismas

Mohammed-Ali Abunajela, Doctor of Philosophy (RIMAP)
Thesis Title:
Al-Jazeera (Arabic) Satellite Television: A Platform For The Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt
Supervisory Team: Prof Noha Mellor and Prof Ivor Gaber

Zahara Chaudhry, Doctor of Philosophy (IBEST)
Thesis Title:
The Involvement of Caspase Family in Parkinsons Disease: A Study of Neurotoxicity in Dopaminergic Cell
Supervisory Team: Dr Bushra Ahmed and Dr Adam Paige

Winifred Udende (BMRI)
Thesis Title:
Measuring Project Complexity And Determining Its Impact On Project Leadership Requirements
Supervisory Team: Dr David Owen and Dr Elly Philpott

Vasiliki Tzouvara, Doctor of Philosophy (IHR)
Thesis Title: Self-Stigma, Loneliness And Culture Among Older Adults With Mental Illness Residing In Nursing Homes: An Individualistic- Collectivistic Approach
Supervisory Team: Dr Chris Papadopoulos and Prof Gurch Randhawa

Kate Hudson, Professional Doctorate (IRED)
Thesis Title:
Can Student Teachers’ Pedagogy Be Enhanced By Heeding Children’s Thoughts About Their Learning?
Supervisory Team: Prof Janice Wearmouth and Prof Uvanney Maylor

Paul Andell, Professional Doctorate (IASR)
Thesis Title:
Thinking About Gangs
Supervisory Team: Prof John Pitts  and Prof Alan Marlow

Susan Thomas, Professional Doctorate (IASR)
Thesis Title:
Children First Offenders Second, an Aspiration or a Reality for Youth Justice in Wales
Supervisory Team: Dr Tim Bateman and Prof John Pitts

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