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How to apply for a research degree

For all the information you need on how to apply for a research degree and to make sure you fulfil the entry requirements visit our 'How to apply' page

You should have a good honours degree (2:1 or above) or masters degree or equivalent in the relevant subject area.

International applicants should be aware of our English language requirements

Research Application Form

Please fill in the form below, ensuring you complete all compulsory fields (marked with an asterisk).

Home/EU applicants should complete Sections A and C.

Overseas (non-EU nationals) Applicants must complete all Sections

Applications for the October 2018 intake are  open until 30th June 2018 for International students and 31st August 2018 for Home/EU students.

All overseas applicants that have previously studied in the UK must complete an Immigration History Form and attach it to this form along with any additional documents requested on the form.

Download the Immigration History Form here - DOC 52.5 KB

Please note you cannot submit this form without attaching a CV and Research Proposal. For advice on preparing your Research Proposal please see the Proposal Guidance

See our Research Institutes and the topics they support here

Section A - To be completed by all applicants

Personal Details

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Date of Birth* (DD/MM/YYYY)
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Including country

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Have you previously submitted a Research Degree application to the University of Bedfordshire?

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(please include any which might necessitate special arrangements or facilities)

Please specify if there is any additional support that you will require during your studies as a result of the disability/disabilities mentioned above

(Including start and end dates)

Fee Details

Fee Eligibility*

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Course Details

Expected Start Date*
Applying for*
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Please enter the title of the proposal and code (where applicable) of the research project

Your research proposal should be a two page synopsis of your proposed area of work

Please attach your current C.V. Non native speakers of English must specify their English language qualification on the C.V.

Non native speakers of English must attach evidence of their English Language Qualification(s).

Which Research Institute would you like your application to be considered for?

  • Business and Management Research Institute (BMRI)
  • Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA)
  • Institute of Applied Social Research (IASR)
  • Institute of Biomedical and Environmental Science and Technology (IBEST)
  • Institute for Health Research (IHR)
  • Institute for Research in Applicable Computing (IRAC)
  • Institute for Research in Education (IRED)
  • Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Research (ISPAR)
  • Research Institute for Media, Art and Performance (RIMAP)

Academic Support of your Application

If you have already discussed your application with a member of our academic staff who is willing to support your research application please state their name and Email address below (email address must be their University @beds.ac.uk email). Leave blank otherwise.

Passport and Visa Details

*Do you require a visa to study in the UK?

Section B - To be completed by Overseas applicants only

Previous UK Study

Are you an Overseas student that has previously studied in the UK?

(Overseas Students Only)

If required for Immigration History Form

Agent Details (if used)

(NOT Agent name)

Section C - To be completed by all applicants

Data Protection and Declaration

I consent to the University of Bedfordshire’s use of my personal data, including sensitive data, to allow the University to fulfil its administrative obligations and to process my application. The University shall duly observe its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations and any resulting legislation which arise from this application. The information I provide on the application form will be used for the following purposes, to:

Determine my eligibility for entry to the University of Bedfordshire.

Provide me with relevant information to assist me in joining the University (including information about Open Days, scholarships/discounts and fees, enrolment at the University, my course, my faculty and the University's  facilities, the local area,  accommodation providers engaged through the University's approved accommodation system, internships and career opportunities, visa advice and travel advice).

Enable the University of Bedfordshire to compile statistical reports.

Enable the University of Bedfordshire to initiate my student record.

I consent to the University sharing this information with:

The relevant government departments. This includes: Higher Education Statistical Agency, UK Visas and Immigration, Higher Education Access Tracker (HEAT), Office for Fair Access and the Office for Students, Student Loan Company, Department for Education and its agencies for the administration of bursaries for teacher training (for students on professional programmes, Early Years Teacher Status and English as a Foreign Language),  Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Health and Care Professions Council and the General Medical Council (for students on nursing, midwifery, social work or  youth courses), NHS Bursaries Unit (for students on NHS-funded courses). Health Education England and Health Education Thames Valley, and Frontline (a Government funded body which commissions social work training)

Public Sector regulatory bodies such as The British Council and the Office for Standards in Education

Bodies which are responsible for professional accreditation of my course, if applicable

The Police or other authority in relation to crime prevention or investigation, or in association with the Government's Prevent agenda

Accommodation providers (where applicable) who are engaged through the University's approved accommodation system; Liberty Living and Student Village

UCAS (through the completion of a Record of Prior Acceptance (RPA) in compliance with the UCAS Undergraduate Application and Recruitment Policy), and NARIC (in order to establish the equivalent level and verify a qualification if applicable)

John Smith’s bookshop and Aspire Gym so that if, I am eligible to receive a BedsMoney card, I can use it to purchase learning materials or gym membership, respectively

Any partner of the University which is delivering the programme or whose premises are used for the delivery of a programme, for which I have registered on with the University

My sponsor (if any) in order to confirm sponsorship and invoice for payment of fees

My representative/agent outside the EEA or in my home country (if applicable) as listed in Section B of this application form

If I have not used a representative/agent in my home country, I consent to the University sharing this information outside the EEA to a representative/agent in my home country in order to support my application to the University and for the relevant visa. In the event that I do not register as a student of the University of Bedfordshire, the University will retain my personal information for the rest of the academic year for which I have applied plus one further academic year. In the event that I do register, my data will be managed as per the student agreement which I will sign upon registration.

I confirm that I am the direct applicant, or agent acting on the applicant’s behalf, and the information given in this form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge*
Data Protection and Declaration
Please only click on the submit button below once and then wait for your files to upload and your form to be submitted. This may take up to a minute, depending on the size of your attachments.

Clicking Submit more than once will result in multiple submissions and may delay the processing of your application.

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